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It seemed to me like he had been kind of putting it together, so I was looking at his numbers, and they are mostly, pretty darn good.  You'd like to see a higher BA (.266) and fewer Ks (104) and more BBs (23+15 HBP(Seems like a lot.  hahah); but all in all some pretty good numbers.  .792 OPS, 22 2B, 13 HR, 20 SB.  Especially for a Sox prospect at AA.  At least, it seems he isn't someone that should be dismissed as a guy that can contribute just yet.  

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16 minutes ago, TomPickle said:

Over his last 24 games: .306/.427/.565 with both respectable BB (11.7%) and K (24.3%) rates

yeah, this is really the more interesting number to me. It kinda has to be this. Even Birmingham...it feels like Kanny is the real prospect killer now. Get destroyed in Kanny, you might come back. Survive or thrive - you are a keeper.

If he wants to be interesting though he can't be a mid level bat. He has to crush. And the reason for that is because he is right handed, and Gavin Sheets will still bat over him.

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