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15 MLB owners were earning at least 10% ROI/ROE…


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at the start of the 2022 season.

Only the Marlins’ owner was supposedly losing money on paper…after getting through Covid.


Reinsdorf at 11.4%, although surely he would argue 2022/23 cut that down closer to 10-11%.  Bulls obviously operating at massively profitable appreciation numbers.

Tied for 8th most successful ROI percentage, Sherman of the Royals one of the worst at just 2% or lower than the rate of inflation…

Note:  One doubles their investment at roughly a 10% rate of returns after capital gains/taxes and inflation is subtracted. 

Can work with Mansueto to put the Fire at GRF and cut down the top of the upper deck again as the Sox eventually move to their new facility.


Joe Mansueto

NET WORTH: $3.9 billion

SOURCE OF WEALTH: investment research

TEAM(S): Chicago Fire

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Thoma Bravo LP

Thoma Bravo LP


$127 billion

Chicago, Ill.


Why We Picked It

Thoma Bravo is the successor firm to Thoma & Co, founded in 1980 by Carl Thoma and Stanley Golder. Today the firm is led by its managing partners, which include Carl Thoma and Orlando Bravo, and it is one of the world’s most prolific acquirers of software companies. 

In 2019, a study conducted by HEC Paris and Dow Jones named the firm the world’s best-performing buyout investor. With a predominantly tech focus, the firm invests in application, infrastructure and cybersecurity software as well as technology-enabled business sectors. They also invest in healthcare and financial services. Today they have 75 portfolio companies and have realized 75 investments.

Blackstone $1.0 trillion
Apollo $598 billion
KKR $510 billion
The Carlyle Group $381 billion
Bain Capital $165 billion
TPG Capital $137 billion
Thoma Bravo $127 billion
Silver Lake $98 billion
Vista Equity Partners $96 billion
Insight Partners $90 billion


We finally have the private equity firm and venture capital connections to build a software system 10x more power than the Astros, Cardinals, Orioles, Rays, Mets, etc.

Put these guys together with Mellody Hobson (40% owner of the Sox) and George Lucas and get something spectacular done for the city.




Altogether, there are 150 pro sports teams among the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and Major League Soccer. Forbes found more than 40 billionaireswho own controlling stakes in these teams—stakes that for many of these owners have proved to be incredible investments.

Some of the wealthiest team owners in professional sports have managed to use the U.S. tax code to their advantage, reducing their tax burden to rates sometimes lower than those paid by the players or even stadium workers, according to a report by ProPublica that cites confidential Internal Revenue Service data.

Several team owners deducted nearly the entire purchase price of their teams from taxes on their future earnings, ProPublica found—a hefty sum, with NFL teams valued at more than $2 billion while NBA teams go for at least $1 billion. Others used their teams’ reported losses as write-offs to pay less in taxes on their other earnings. In the meantime, these billionaires’ fortunes, as well as their teams’ values, have climbed significantly.

Among those mentioned in ProPublica’s report are Steve Ballmer, owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers; David Tepper, owner of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers; Dan Gilbert, owner of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers; and Shahid Khan, owner of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. In the years since these teams were purchased by their current owners, their values have grown by an average of $155 million—each year. Here’s how much richer these billionaires have become since acquiring their teams. (Billionaire net worths are as of July 12, 2021.) 
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So proposing a partnership of the Chicago Fire, Bulls and White Sox, eventually expanding into the EPL or one of the other four major European leagues to create a consortium...could also go the NHL hockey route potentially.

Then I'm buying the Chicago Sky from Michael Alter, despite my admiration for the aspirations of City Year and bypassing the Indiana Fever with a blockbuster trade in order to get Caitlyn Clark playing at the United Center in 2025-26.  She stays her final season of eligibility at Iowa next year to win an NCAA tourney title together with Aneesah Morrow leaving DePaul for LSU for Iowa hahaha...then both together with the Sky.

Take over of Chicago as a sports capital complete with Clark and Bedard...and an as yet unnamed FA superstar strike or two by the White Sox to start dominating the AL Central ultimately.



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For private equity firms, sports teams present a massive growth opportunity considering many of their valuations have grown well above 10% over the last year. The value of the average NBA team grew 35% in 2023 versus the previous year, according to Forbes.

But leagues have put a cap on the ownership percentage that these firms are allowed to have in order to ensure that they cannot have controlling stake. For example, the NBA allows for a single private equity firm to own a maximum of 20% of a team, and a team is not allowed to sell more than 30% of its stake to private equity.

These firms are actually allowed to own more than one team per sports league, though only the MLB allows for a single private equity firm to have stake in an unlimited. The NBA and NHL cap firms at five teams, MLS caps firms at four, and NWSL limits ownership to three franchises.

The NFL has still not allowed private equity to enter the sport — and league owners pushed back a discussion on whether to change the rule just last week. However, that discussion is expected to be brought up again later this year, according to Bloomberg.

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