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These are the recommended guidelines for the Buy/Sell/Trade Swapmeet Forum here. If you don't want to get down with these,there's always eBay or Stubhub.


New Members who have references or feedback from Ebay or other sites are encouraged to provide that data to Admins/Mods before using this forum.


1. Unless a Seller asks for an opinion of their selling price,please keep your opinion to yourself or send an email...Thanks.


2. Accepting Offers.

If you're accepting offers,then so be it. Make it clear where and from whom you're taking them,and an ending date and time as well.

If you plan on posting the high offers as you go...let the board know before hand.


3.Sale Posts.

a. If you have a SET price on this forum,that is your word,and your bond...Period. If you need clarification on that,you're on the wrong site to begin with.



From here on in,you must CLEARLY lay out your sales practice. If you want the first to reply,state where and when..Like this. First to email and /or first to post gets the item.

Method of payment. What type of payment will the seller accept?..Paypal,Money Orders,Cash,Checks,etc.

It's really that easy,and not a stretch.

Just clear it up,and take the guessing game away.

This is a VERY important issue,and saves a lot of hassle later.



IF you don't get your email answered,don't act like your dog was just killed. Email is not 100%..100% of the time.Learn to live with that,and you will enjoy life more.

On the flip side to that,any prospective buyers saying SOLD or replying to sent pix or descriptions,should try and reply back to the seller ASAP. Again,just common sense and common courtesy.


5. End of sales.

BUYERS, This is explicit to buyers in general..they need to take care of their end A.S.A.P.unless other arrangements have been made....

Once an auction is done/item sold,the seller should try and post something like SOLD or CLOSED FOR BIDDING...end of bids. Sellers/Buyer of auctions or sales can leave the selling price visible once an item has sold if they want to. This gives others who missed the sale an idea as to current values. Totally up to the Buyers/Sellers and no one else.

If all the necessary info ,names,prices,payment method,addresses, has been gathered by both parties,Edit the post to NT...and we MODs will delete the thread.


6.Links to Ebay auctions.

a.Seller must put the Ebay reference in the title of the post. Members can then pass by them just by reading the title if they want to avoid that type of sale.


b.If sellers want,they can post a link when the auction/Sale starts....possibly again when it's ready to end.

Please not 3 or 4 BTTs leading up to the end of the auction,as this refers to what we talk about below....board hogging.


7.Multiple Listings.

Let's try and combine sales into one post to prevent hogging board space.

So if you have multiple items to sell,don't put them all in seperate posts. If you have 5 items,put them all in 1 post. When you make up a post for each item,all you are doing is pushing other sellers off the first page. So don't be a space hog.

Here's one way to post multiple items in 1 post.

Post a description,then one representive pic of the item,and have links for the rest of the pix. If someone is interested in an item,they'll click on the links to check out the rest of the other pix,then decide from there. This is just one suggestion.

We realize everyone wants their sales to be on the forefront...but let's use some common sense and common courtesy here.


8. Follow-ups.

a.Everyone needs to be satisfied with their purchase, not just the sellers. If you pay for an item, just make sure you get the item....so thoroughly inspect your goods on delivery.

Return emails confirming delivery etc, is always a courteous and sensible gesture.


b.If you have a deal that goes bad,and you know what I'm talking about,then let me or a Mod know about it,Before you let it fester.

Nothing worse than a bad seller in the house...Regardless of who it is.


c. Some members/collectors keep a log of their sales/purchases. This is not a bad idea,just so you know what you spent on that item when it's time to sell...Also a few details of you deals can be a good thing to have handy if needed...



This is not an organ donor BST board. This is about fun,so either get with it,or buy and sell somewhere else,and save us the headaches. There have been thousands of GREAT deals made here,so please don't let a few threads ruin your day. This is not a new trend,and hopefully it's been addressed.If more problems arise,then PLEASE let somone know. If you see a seller who is on the edge,please notify us.and we will do our best to get it worked out.If there's a problems that happens more than once,then we will address it as such. Simply CLEAN IT UP...Nothing more and nothing less.


In the future,any threads that don't meet the guidelines will disappear as fast as your monthly buying budget.

So please,just have,and show a little respect for your fellow members/collectors,and these issues will not be issues.

Of course if you have any questions at all about using the Ticket Exchange forum, don't hesitate to drop us an Email or PM.

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