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OK folks, seems my sigs always seem to be 15 minutes too old to keep up with the times. My current one has Hermanson, Politte, and Cotts :o


What I'm looking for is something with...of course..Captain America in keeping with the theme. Also, our 3-4-5 hitters with something like, oh I dunno..."Everyday ChiSox Heroes" or something? Sound possible, you graphic gurus?


Thanks in advance.

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QUOTE(Capn12 @ Jun 12, 2006 -> 01:05 PM)
VERY nicely done!!


Many thanks SF1, its going up as we speak



Glad you like it.


QUOTE(greasywheels121 @ Jun 12, 2006 -> 01:15 PM)
You should have probably cropped out Thome's bat....

Well, I wanted to keep the bats in for each one. It would look kind of weird with PK and JD with bats but not Thome. But then again, it looks weird with the bat coming out of nowhere. Nonetheless, I like the way it came out.

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