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  1. SoxAce

    White Sox @ Indians Game Thread

    Vizquel....what a player.
  2. SoxAce

    White Sox @ Indians Game Thread

    Frank!!! 2-1 sox :headbang.
  3. SoxAce

    White Sox @ Indians Game Thread

    Off Topic: For those who didn't see That Hostage covering with Aaron Miles on SC, it's on right now.
  4. SoxAce

    White Sox @ Indians Game Thread

    He must have a very strong odor...
  5. SoxAce

    White Sox @ Indians Game Thread

    Well with some players struggling, it is time to shuffle some bench players in there. I don't blame Ozzie for doing this. Manuel would put cold guys in and sit the hot hitters. That wasn't good. At least Ozzie is keeping everyone fresh.
  6. SoxAce

    White Sox @ Indians Game Thread

    Crede is really struggling so I see no problem with Uribe at 3rd. It's Gload in Center I'm worring about. Does he have enough range to get to balls hit in the gaps? We'll see tonight.
  7. SoxAce

    How you feel going to the Dome

    Don't get too overconfident about Loaiza. He has struggled his past couple starts and his velocity has gone down. I think Garland is going to pitch a stellar game (he has good success against the Twins) and If the sox can socre 10+ runs in every start of Buehrles', then I see no problems with him. I also think Cotts will pitch a gem. Just watch.
  8. SoxAce

    WHITE SOX rumor mill

    Helton to the sox...
  9. SoxAce

    White Sox @ Indians Game Thread

    I wonder the exciting prediction Poppy Hidalgo will make...
  10. He's in the 7th now with 9 strikeouts and 2 outs against the Braves!!! Randy!!!
  11. SoxAce

    Perfection:Randy Johnson

    Also the same day as BeGood and Spiff's Birthday!
  12. SoxAce

    Shrek 2

    I'll check it out.. I might go on the weekend this or next week though
  13. That's really good news. Stewart has killed us and he's been a spark plug to the twins this last season and this season.
  14. SoxAce

    White Sox @ Indians Game Thread

    Dammit.. I wanted Ishmookie to start this thread Wait.. should that be in green? Let's Go Sox!!
  15. SoxAce

    Loaiza Article

    Esty, your so Zesty!!
  16. Capatalize your sentences please..
  17. Ruffcorn, Wright, Parque, (when he got called up) and Rauch all I remember getting owned after they got called to the show.
  18. Ouch! Fiesty aboz. Tell it like it is..
  19. Prediction: Cotts pitches a gem and stays at the 5th spot all year!!
  20. If this is true, my plan all along worked perfectly!!! Cotts for 5th and call up Wunsch...
  21. SoxAce

    Jason Schmidt

    What a game thrown by him. Just under 140 pitches and he got the job done. Nicely done Jason + Randy of course.
  22. SoxAce

    Happy Birthday

    Also the CG 1 hit shutout for Giants pitcher Jason S. against the Cubs!!! . A VERY HAPPY B-DAY!
  23. Posted this on the Randy thread but Jason did it!! CG 1 hit Shutout!!