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  1. IdaSox

    Another MLB.tv question

    The game would still be blacked out no matter what billing address you use, MLB.tv checks the location of your IP address when blacking games out. The last few seasons you could use a proxy to get around it, but I don't if you can still do that this year.
  2. IdaSox

    Help with MLB.tv...

    You should have gotten an email around the end of February about renewing. The email gave links that let you renew the basic account or upgrade to premium. You can call (866-800-1275) or email (customerservice@website.mlb.com) and see if they'll let you upgrade it still. I don't see why they wouldn't.
  3. IdaSox


    QUOTE(Takatsufan @ Jul 3, 2006 -> 04:58 PM) I've found that you don't even need to type in the validation key given. you can just type in 1111 and it works (for me at least). just a time saver. Go Sox I wouldn't do this. Even though the vote again page comes up when you do this, mlb.com probably doesn't count the vote when the validation code isn't entered correctly.
  4. IdaSox

    Thomas is feeling a part of the fun

    QUOTE(thedoctor @ Oct 18, 2005 -> 09:05 AM) what's the story here? i didn't hear this. http://whitesoxpride.mlblogs.com/inside_th...lcome_home.html
  5. IdaSox

    I'm freakin out

    QUOTE(agame @ May 21, 2005 -> 11:28 AM) Hey everyone, I need some help. I'm in Los Angeles and the game doesn't seem to be on FOX, nor is any other game. My MLB.TV won't let me watch due to national restrictions. Is there anything I can do? Thanks http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb...ex.jsp?c_id=cws click "Gameday". Other than that, all the radio broadcasts are blacked out and MLB.TV seems to have finally caught on to how people use a proxy from a different country to watch blacked out games.
  6. Game Started? I think MLB.TV is screwing with me. They're showing something about Elvis. EDIT: There we go.
  7. IdaSox

    Gamethread 5/10/05

    Did MLB.TV quit working for anyone else?
  8. IdaSox

    Sox on the Web??

    QUOTE(DonkeyKongerko @ Apr 6, 2005 -> 07:06 PM) Yeah, is that site legal? Maybe it just links to the WMVP feeds that black out when necessary. It's just links to the radio feeds of affiliates that don't turn off the feed during games.
  9. IdaSox

    Sox on the Web??

    You can try this site: http://www.thegamelive.com/baseballmlb.html if you don't want to pay the 15 bucks on MLB.com. I haven't tried any sox games on it, but when I tested it yesterday I got to listen to every game I wanted to.