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  1. Wow, he sucks this year. 4.11 ERA now.
  2. I saw it and there's no way the cameraman was injured at all unless he's as fragile as Juan Gonzalez.
  3. It's okay. You don't suck as much as your boy-toy Eric Piatkowski. Ahhh, the old rivalries in the Bulls threads.
  4. WSCR 670 The Score is so desperate for any rumor to compete with ESPN 1000. They are reporting that the Dodgers are interested in Carl Everett and then the guy finishes it with, "BUT ARE THE SOX INTERESTED?!?"
  5. Why is it not a solution? If you don't like what someone posts you can choose to ignore them and never have to read their posts. It makes sense to me.
  6. Yep, I saw that. The cameraman was perfectly fine. He gave a wink to his body as if to say, "Awesome, huh? Now I'm gonna be loaded."
  7. Agreed. The difference is that McCarthy will have to pitch his home games at the Cell, on July 4th to be exact. He has given up deep flies every start. He didn't just do it at Comerica. I thought we would win 2 of 3. That isn't bad at all. But I'm happy that they did better than I thought they would and swept the Tiggers instead.
  8. There is an "Ignore User" feature. You can click on someone's user name and then choose to ignore them. I'm assuming that the feature works and that you then don't see that user's posts.
  9. I guess his arm is dead now. He doesn't throw the heat like he used to.
  10. WSI is a great standard to go by too. They f***ing ban people for talking about the Sox weak attendance now. :headshake
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