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  1. I have 1992 emails from WhiteSox.com or MLB.com since opening day '05
  2. The hourly wage of your average McDonalds worker is probably twice that of your waiter at Applebee's
  3. QUOTE (BearSox @ Nov 12, 2008 -> 10:37 PM) I think it's just silly for a group to try and denounce god when clearly the majority of the population does believe in god, or at least some sort of higher being. Um yeah... We should put that one up on a billboard.
  4. QUOTE (Alpha Dog @ Nov 10, 2008 -> 12:47 PM) I'm sure they have lists, so don't go too far. And hide your guns, stockpile ammo now, and closeout your 401k before they take that as well. So who's your favorite South Park character?
  5. QUOTE (fathom @ Nov 7, 2008 -> 04:10 PM) No, I was talking about getting pitching from them with Ryan Madson. And I was making a joke... Marson would be a good pickup. He's either overvalued or undervalued, depending on who you talk to. But I think he ends up as a Kurt Suzuki type in a year or so.
  6. QUOTE (fathom @ Nov 7, 2008 -> 01:56 PM) Yet we still don't have a CF. The Phillies have little with regards to young pitching besides Carrasco. Kyle Kendrick is terrible, and they're not going to trade Madson. You misspelled Marson
  7. QUOTE (Soxy @ Nov 5, 2008 -> 02:30 PM) Lisa Madigan--AG. No, we need another (D) Senator to replace Obama, and a viable (D) Governor to run Blago out of office next term. I don't think the senator with be Jesse Jr, as many have speculated. And there's not a whole lot of "talent" to draw from. I can't see Duckworth being appointed to the senate without winning an elected office in her career, but outside of Madigan, and Jr., there's not a whole lot of exciting names in the (D) bullpen. It's a bunch of Wassermans and Logans out there.
  8. QUOTE (southsideirish71 @ Nov 5, 2008 -> 01:26 AM) Some of this is going to your heads. This is a mandate here and now, just like President Bush was a mandate back in 2000 with a Republican majority. These things go in cycles, so slow your roll. I think a lot of it is overstated. I mean the margins nationally aren't exactly anything that screams mandate. But there's no denying that America will continue to trend more socially liberal, if not in perpetuity, for as long as it takes until we truly reach full equality. If the Republican party wants to cling to their current anti-gay platform, they'll be completely irrelevant in the not-all-that-distant future. If they continue to be the party which seeks to suppress science (Global warming, stem cell research, etc.) and rely heavily on the undereducated (no-college whites were the least likely of any cross section to vote for Obama) in an increasingly educated electorate, they will find themselves completely marginalized. In short, the Republican party will have to evolve (if they believe such a thing can occur), not necessarily in the next election, or even in the one after that, but in the next generation. The Republican party, which I have no doubt will still alive and well 40, or 52, or 64 years from now, will be a completely different party when the second female president of the United States gives her acceptance speech, kisses the next first lady, and walks off stage, the first openly-gay president.
  9. QUOTE (bmags @ Nov 4, 2008 -> 01:11 AM) I'm surprised that in this day and age rain still does anything. The Chinese are workin' on it.
  10. QUOTE (Fantl916 @ Nov 3, 2008 -> 06:38 PM) Anyone given any thought to the Sox trading Javy to the Rockies for Atkins? I think Atkins would be a good fit for this team. Haven't really looked at his numbers or salary, but just a quick thought that came into my head. Javy has a NTC to West Coast clubs
  11. I didn't realize I had posted in the Republican thread. I make it a point not to venture south of I-80 or in here. Apologies.
  12. QUOTE (Alpha Dog @ Oct 28, 2008 -> 04:53 PM) It seems that Obama doesn't want ID for people to vote. But to come to his would-be victory party? Better have a state ID that matches your ticket, or you are out of luck. Those crazy f***ing democrats... They want to make sure everyone can vote... And want to keep their presidential candidate safe in a large audience... f***ing hypocrites!
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