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  1. Sorry I've just been skimming. Haven't heard the Bulls are confident they can bring Brogdon in and that's got me excited. Things don't always happen that way but i do agree with you guys that a Brogdon/Reddish combo would be huge. If Lavine can become a more consistent 3 point shooter, that's a very "Rangey" team. Same for WCJ.
  2. Perhaps playing 3rd fiddle to Zion and Barrett limited him a bit somehow. To me he's a no brainer at 7 IF he's there. I've seen him listed as a SG/SF so i would assume he's capable of keeping up with 2's. Having a guy like that would do wonders for the bench. A true 6th man who could get 30+ min a night especially when you throw in the versatility of Lavine. Speaking of versatility, why is no one talking about Brogdon??? You could do a lot with a team that has Brogdon, Lavine, Porter and Reddish. We saw last year that Lavine could potentially take minutes at point.
  3. Any chance Malcom Brogdon hits the market and do the Bulls have the cap to bring him in? I know the Bulls don't have max money, but Brogdon shouldn't require that, right? I'd give him everything I could if I was the Bulls.
  4. Idk what his k rate was, but I know Mike Trout led the league in strike outs one year. Pretty sure it was an MVP season as well.
  5. I hope Banuelos gets the starts. I've given up on Fulmer as a starter.
  6. Hasn't Collins been moved to 1B?
  7. I'd bet this was on Angle. As soon as I saw who he was facing I knew Corbin would go over. Most vets will go out and put the younger guys over.
  8. Yeah, i laid there in bed last night just staring at her trying to work up the nerve to suggest her going back to get help. The problem with giving her space and just letting go is we live together and I've got no life. Lol. I told her i would take up golf ever Sunday when the weather turns. We have been saving to get a new place, and still talks about it. I would hate to just use that money on a rental(because im still working on my credit), but it may be whats best. She knows I'm there for her. I do everything i can to give her the best life possible.
  9. So this guy popped up out of no where and the sox all of a sudden have money......With their success in the Cuban market is it possible there's already been talks behind closed doors and thats why the sox haven't been linked to others?
  10. She was. Then stopped because things were so good for so long. Things were still good for some time but now the last few months have been rough.
  11. Has anyone dated a girl with depression and anxiety before? Been dating this girl for a year and a half, I'm so in love, but sometimes her mental illness just makes things so fucking hard!. We had long talked about getting married. A few months ago we looked at engagement rings and i ended up coming back and getting the one she really liked. A few weeks later, i purposed...she said yes......Since then, to my dismay, things have been incredibly rocky. She has admitted to having cold feet, we don't have sex, we don't talk as much, the passion has become non existent, she wants more alone time, all this shit. She says she still loves me and still wants everything we had talked about, but her mental issues are making her this way. How do i cope? I love this girl, but it's really been hard since i myself have anxiety.
  12. Sooo, the outrage is because the Sox haven't been rumored to be in on other guys? Isn't international money slotted?
  13. I'm confused....didn't the tweet saying we were interested say he would have to be a June 1st signing? Now i know that may be because of age or whatever, but wouldn't the sox have new money to spend for the new crop?
  14. Is the D league still a thing or did this take it's place? If the D is still around, what's the difference?
  15. Dix and Tre Boston still out there along with Eric Berry if they wanna try that out. Is there a way to find out how often Mack had his hands in the dirt and how successful he was doing it? I don't want his hands in the dirt all the time, but could you imagine a package where the front 7 is Mack, Goldman, Hicks, Floyd, Smith, Trevathon, and Justin Houston? That's scary. PFF still had Houston as a good pass rusher.
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