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  1. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Apr 17, 2017 -> 06:29 PM) The economy and stock market were flying high then. People vote their pocketbook. Federal budgets were actually being balanced on the backs of fair/er capital gains tax rates. Americans tend to stay with the party in power during wartime...rather than making dramatic changes midstream. Neither of those suppositions were true prior to 1998. The GOP lost ground in 1986 despite a strong economy. The Democrats lost seats in Congress in 1942, and 1966. The Republicans lost seats in 1990 as we were building a presence in Saudi Arabia to invade Kuwait.
  2. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Apr 17, 2017 -> 05:07 PM) Really disappointing to see Turkey take a few very big steps down the road to dictatorship. Very much this. That margin was so razor thin too, it really doesn't help people who think shenanigans brought the win to Erdogan.
  3. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Apr 17, 2017 -> 09:47 AM) Post 9/11 and the Dems didn't yet have a clear way to go after GW Bush. Clinton/Morris tacked so far to the center that the Republicans didn't have a counter, plus Dole got obliterated...and the Gingrich Revolution of 1994 overreached big time. By 1998, Dick Morris was no longer involved with the Clinton administration, and the President had just faced a grand jury and was looking at an imminent impeachment. Historically speaking, the Democrats should have been shook in that midterm. In 2002, George Bush's shine was well receding - and he was prepping for a war in Iraq that was very divisive. The Dems just ran s***ty campaigns.
  4. QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Apr 17, 2017 -> 03:02 PM) Going to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons this summer (staying in Driggs, Idaho). Anyone have any recommendations for specific tour companies to either park? And just general recommendations to do around the Jackson, Wyoming area? Do you have any specific things that you want to see in Yellowstone, or any specific length of time? Are you looking for day trip type tours?
  5. QUOTE (Reddy @ Apr 14, 2017 -> 06:25 PM) Working on the ground for Jon Ossoff in Georgia's 6th district the last couple days, and here through the election. It's pretty exciting. Obviously getting 50% on Tuesday will be a challenge, but in special elections anything can happen, and it's alllll about turnout. Either way - the energy here is pretty amazing, considering it's been a red district for 38 years! Good luck!
  6. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Apr 16, 2017 -> 02:14 PM) Yes, and how much of that was simply based on opposing ObamaCare? He is no longer president, so obstructing him no longer works as a functional strategy. Is there any evidence the GOP can actually govern well with control of all branches of government? Not so far. Which presidents in history have gained seats at midterms in recent memory? The Dems won't get the Senate back, but the House is definitely up for grabs regardless of the number of gerrymandered seats that are largely out of play. George Bush in 2002. Bill Clinton in 1998.
  7. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 13, 2017 -> 02:34 PM) You'll get the best rate at an ATM. Also use credit for as much as you can. Besides, Switzerland is ridiculously expensive. My brother lives in Zurich. You will laugh at what things cost. Agree with this 100%. Anywhere in Europe, use an ATM or your Credit Card/Debit Card for purchases. You will be charged the actual conversion rate. If you change currency in country, the bank or whoever is changing cash will levy a commission into the rate, which can mean you'll lose 5-10% or even more with every currency exchange. Your bank or credit card may charge a foreign transaction fee. It's usually less than 2% but there are several banks that don't charge this fee. Capital One in particular does not.
  8. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Mar 21, 2017 -> 08:44 PM) Insurance across state lines is a BS talking point. It won't freaking matter. They would have to set up networks in every state. How long that would take and how much it would cost would certainly eat into any of the "competitive savings" the right tries to mention. I think there is actually a provision in Obamacare for companies to cross state lines and not one company has done so.I also think some states have made it legal and yet no takers. There's nothing stopping insurance companies from doing this now... they just have to ensure that the policy coincides with each state's regulations for coverage.
  9. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Mar 15, 2017 -> 09:02 PM) Anti-Trumpism is actually working against Wilders and Le Pen, at least for the moment. That said, all it takes is another major terrorist attack on EU soil to reverse the tide again. Saw on CNN the turnout was in the low 80's, at least from their polling. The other positive with the Netherlands' form of government is that it would have been impossible for his Freedom Party to even form a ruling coalition, even had they ended up with more seats. On the other hand, it's pulling the ruling parties more and more to the center right in response to the populist movements, but that's perhaps not the worst thing in the world...because those countries are still significantly more liberal-leaning than the US in recent years. After preliminary results, it looks like Wilders' party has dropped to third place. With Fillon and LePen also starting to fade in France, there's definitely a sense of relief in the air in Europe.
  10. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Mar 15, 2017 -> 09:05 PM) Is he the guy who cried because he missed his first vote ever? That would be the guy. Disagree with his politics, but its nice to see someone take his duty seriously.
  11. It's a cross between Trolls and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.
  12. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jan 9, 2017 -> 04:40 PM) Moonlight is an excellent film but it's way too heavy for the Academy Awards to bless with LA LA Land out there. At least Elle and Nocturnal Animals got some attention, two more hard films to watch that pushed boundaries, Elle in particular. Also, did anyone see the stories from the Golden Globes about Hidden Figures and Fences getting mixed together at least twice last night? Pretty poor. Streep's anti-Trump speech carried the news, perhaps with Hiddleston's praise for himself taking second place and Viola Davis 3rd. That and Mandy Moore's "dress." Kristen Wiig and Steve Carrell's bit was pretty amazing actually about the first time they ever saw an animated film in the theater. Am kinda bummed that LA LA LAND did so well. I really enjoyed the film, but I thought Ryan Gosling was terrible in it, and so wooden and lacked any chemistry with Emma Stone whatsoever.
  13. QUOTE (pettie4sox @ Oct 21, 2016 -> 12:55 AM) seriously I don't know why people aren't cashing in on free money by not betting a s*** ton of money on clinton Paddy Power paid out their Clinton bets after the third debate believe it or not.
  14. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Oct 20, 2016 -> 12:11 AM) What has Dr. Carson been up to? Haven't seen anything from him in a while. Building a pyramid to store grain, I believe.
  15. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Oct 20, 2016 -> 12:11 AM) I am disgusted that we have allowed for things to be at a point where people who don't fit the description of American values can be potential candidates for this country. Policy is absolutely important, but before you even get to policy, you have to cover character, and to me, if you have no character, you shouldn't be even a legitimate candidate for president. It should be a full blown pre-requisite. Now Hillary's character is better then Trumps. My 3 year old has less tantrum's than Trump. If I can't say that the actual behavior of a candidate isn't indicative of how I'd want my children to treat others and what should exemplify the greatest nation in the world, then I absolutely could never vote for them. We as American people need to go back to holding people legitimately accountable and demanding better out of our politicians and candidates. That said, we the people are the reason we are in this mess to begin with. What has Dr. Carson been up to? Haven't seen anything from him in a while. I actually like Hillary. I think her heart is actually in the right place. She has the stink of corruption around her, but when you've been investigated virtually nonstop for 30 years - that happens. Do I think she's clean? No. But, I don't think anyone is. But I think all the scrutiny has probably made her cleaner than most.
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