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  1. I'm not sure why some of you guys are so unequivocally hostile to Jerry Owens, it's true he has shown no power and he's an average defender with a weak arm but it's not like he is a horrible waste of a roster spot like Darin Erstad or Andy Gonzalez. He's got a professional attitude and he's shown that he's willing to do what it takes to become a bona-fide major leaguer. Whether he can do that is another story but t the very least he has shown enough improvement in the majors (after always hitting for a decent average in the minors) to deserve the opportunity to try to prove he can keep getting better. It doesn't have to be as the starting CF, even the 4th OF. I might get raked over the coals for making this suggestion but if Brian Anderson in '06 had the work ethic Jerry Owens had since coming to the majors... this whole conversation would be moot.

  2. QUOTE(ballyb11 @ Mar 4, 2008 -> 10:34 PM)
    He was hurt all last year - hurt in spring training.


    The year before 2006 in 162 plate appearances with Arizona he had an OPS of .872. (which is lower than he ever had in the minors, so it's no wild aberration).


    That's something I'm excited about.

    I'm not saying not to be excited about Quentin being a good player. Hell, I am. I just think some people need to temper their enthusiasm a bit. They're acting like Quentin is already a fringe All-Star player from his first ABs with the Sox. When in reality he's going to need time and patience.

  3. QUOTE(RockRaines @ Mar 3, 2008 -> 11:17 PM)
    Nope, I didnt read that. And I said ability, which they both had to be effective, of course the probability of them not being effective was much higher. I think you confused me for endorsing those players, those signings were awful.


    All I know is that a white sox fan should want the OF to be Quentin, Swish and Dye, because that gives us the most talent offensively IMO. Quentin is going to end up a ridiculously superior hitter than Owens. Most likely Swish should lead off at this point.

    You know, I like Quentin as much as the next guy and think he's gonna be a good hitter, but some of you guys are talking as if Quentin has actually done something at the major-league level that we should be excited about. Yeah, I know he's had bad luck with injuries. But that doesn't change anything. We're not going off of much here.

  4. QUOTE(GoSox05 @ Feb 25, 2008 -> 04:09 PM)
    I am a progressive. I think gay people should be able to get married. I'm against the war in Iraq. I'm against the huge military budget. I would like to see the Repeal of the Taft-Hartley anti-union law. Just some of the things Ralph Nader stands for that democrats do not.

    Democrats are not pro-gay marriage, against the war in Iraq, or (generally) against big defense spending? :huh:


    Well damn, they certainly must be against social programs and abortion too?

  5. I sit kind of on the fence, I don't really have a hard stance aside from being pro-legalization/regulation of marijuana and believing the prioritizing of the "war on drugs" is a waste of time and taxpayer money. When I argue I just kind of do it arbitrarily, I could argue either side if I wanted.

  6. QUOTE(santo=dorf @ Feb 24, 2008 -> 04:10 AM)
    Explain more please. I have seen the effects of alcohol abuse and drug abuse first hand (worked in a liquor store for 7 years) and I think the only abuses worse than alcohol is meth and crack abuse. I don't think either of those drugs should be legalize because they are manufactured with chemicals and not grown naturally. I'll have to find the link again, but even the USDA says alcohol withdrawl is 4 times worse than heroin withdrawl.

    I was beaten to saying this, but I don't buy that.

  7. QUOTE(santo=dorf @ Feb 24, 2008 -> 02:12 AM)
    Just curious, what difference is there between someone staying at home getting f***ed up on smack and someone staying at home getting really drunk?


    Provided they don't attack anyone or get behind a wheel, why would you care?

    Alcohol is bad for you but certain types of drugs are exponentially worse and can literally destroy your life in ways that alcohol can't. Yes if it's legal that pretty much eliminates the need for a black market but I still would feel kind of uneasy with giving people easy, completely legit ways to f*** their lives up, just go down to Walgreen's and get a couple hits of Ecstasy and a couple lines of coke. Although I do believe that making drugs legal isn't going to invite a new wave of drug addicts just b/c of the simple fact that it's legal.


    A situation where a drug addict doesn't attack someone, drive, or do something generally unfavorable and harmful is just an ideal situation used for hypothetical arguments only though.

  8. If you're going with the whole "if you're not hurting anybody else" line of logic then for the most part I agree, I start to balk when it comes to allowing people to do hard-core narcotics though. Generally, most things you can think of where the government would have to step into our private lives (over-the-top sexual deviancy, child abuse, ripping people off on private transactions, just things off the top of my head) involve hurting someone else. Whether that be physical, emotional, financial, whatever.

  9. It would be nice if he played defensively like he is capable of doing (i.e., 2004, 2005 etc) all the time because it's legit Gold Glove defense. But he doesn't and he has these inexcusable lapses or he looks like he is loafing around out there. If he was, it'd almost be enough to excuse his awful approach at the plate. It looks like he literally swings as hard as he can on every pitch like a caveman, regardless of where the ball actually is, and sometimes he is lucky enough where he actually hits the ball really hard. But most of the time ends up accidentally burying the tip of his bat about 4 inches in the dirt behind him while he hilariously strikes out.


    It's actually pretty comical. But Kenny didn't trade away his #3 starter just because he could.

  10. I really have a sinking feeling that Uribe is going to be starting over Richar and taking mad at-bats from him, or at least leaving thin eggshells for Richar to walk on. Which makes this my least favorite offseason move by default. It wouldn't have been so bad if they'd have traded Garland for Cabrera who was also only going to be around one more year AFTERWARDS, but that's not how it worked out.


    Kenny really bought low on Quentin and it could end up working out brilliantly. It took me a couple days to come around on the Swisher signing but it was better than any of the other CFers we could've gotten that year except for maybe Fukudome, assuming he lives up to all that hype.

  11. QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Feb 21, 2008 -> 11:39 AM)
    And you can have decent healthcare, just buy it.

    Yes because that's the reason so many people don't have healthcare, they just don't want to pay for it. Those damn people, ruining everything with their sense of entitlement.

  12. QUOTE(SleepyWhiteSox @ Feb 21, 2008 -> 07:55 PM)
    Well, I like having him much more than ben wallace and do prefer him over ben gordon. And his contract is at least somewhat more tolerable knowing it wasn't us who signed him to it...


    I still remember drafting him late in fantasy a few years ago and the big season he had... ^_^


    Stay healthy and play hard, Hughes.

    Hughes and Wallace both have terrible contracts, but the difference - Hughes actually has value as an NBA player.

  13. QUOTE(ptatc @ Feb 22, 2008 -> 09:06 AM)
    A player that will do that is few and far between with this type of agent. Some agents listen to players more than others. Boras is not one of them.

    That's because most players just want the biggest deal possible and that's what Boras is out to do, and he's the best at doing that.

  14. QUOTE(ptatc @ Feb 22, 2008 -> 08:26 AM)
    And if you think that's the way it always works, you are naive. How many times have you heard a player say "that's why I hired an agent, to do that work for me." Not all agents take control but many convince the players they know best and"just let me handle it."


    This is similar to the players have a say in who runs the union. In theory they do but in practice, the leaders of the union decide who they want and tell the players they should vote for the guy. And by the why there is no one else to run against him.

    No I'm not naive at all. The agent does all the work but the final decision on where he goes and what he does is up to the player, not the agent. If a player wants to give a hometown discount to stay in their city they will do it.