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  1. mcgrad70

    2012 White Sox Catch-All thread

    I love baiting you morons
  2. mcgrad70

    2012 White Sox Catch-All thread

    Thornton in...game over
  3. mcgrad70

    GT: White Sox @ Angels

    QUOTE (Swingandalongonetoleft @ May 16, 2012 -> 09:57 PM) That was bound to happen. Angels should defer some of Pujols' salary to the White Sox for waking him. Reinsdorf's Chicago American League Ballclub - for whatever ails you
  4. mcgrad70

    5/15 Tigers vs. White Sox

    QUOTE (fathom @ May 15, 2012 -> 06:08 PM) I'm going to say I'm pretty happy with the team today. The offense had some great at bats and not quitting at the end might have caused the Tigers to lose their closer. Also I want to give credit to Ventura for letting Morel sink or swim I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired on Sox fans with their low expectations. This is why the ownership gets away with putting inferior products on the field.
  5. mcgrad70

    5/15 Tigers vs. White Sox

    QUOTE (kapzk @ May 15, 2012 -> 02:57 PM) We will take that With this team, you're lucky to get that, Jerry.
  6. mcgrad70

    Kevin Youkilis for Matt Thornton?

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ May 9, 2012 -> 12:01 PM) Supposedly Youk is getting benched when he comes back. I would think the White Sox would have to assume the extra cash which gets Boston a little farther away from luxury tax territory. They might bite. I just don't see the White Sox taking on salary although he would most likely be a huge upgrade for the offense, and the Sox are a little heavy in LH relievers. The only GM crazy enough to trade Youk for Thornton is Kenny Williams. So, that won't be happening....
  7. mcgrad70

    GT 5-13-12 Sox vs Royals, 1:10pm

    QUOTE (High Mileage @ May 13, 2012 -> 06:39 PM) And the Angels. And the A's. And the Yankees. And the Red Sox. Royals now 10-5 since ending their 12-game losing streak. Sox will catch the Twins this year - no question about it.
  8. mcgrad70

    GT 5-13-12 Sox vs Royals, 1:10pm

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ May 13, 2012 -> 03:25 PM) Yes, that's it. If we had better attendance and fewer boos, Matt Thornton would pitch better at home. It's all because of the lack of fan support at home that's causing us to be 5-10 at home or whatever our record is. I sure hope your tongue is firmly planted in your cheek.... Otherwise no, the horrid team Reinsdorf and his management put on the field is the reason why they're 5-10 at home.
  9. QUOTE (justBLAZE @ May 7, 2012 -> 10:14 PM) lost 11 of last 13? Wow were playing some ugly baseball after that decent start. Don't worry, we'll catch up to the Twins in no time flat
  10. QUOTE (Jake @ May 7, 2012 -> 10:07 PM) Our young hitters cannot hit offspeed pitches, with the exception of Dayan who cannot hit fastballs. Ugh They haven't fielded a team that could hit offspeed pitching since 1967
  11. mcgrad70

    5/5/12 Sox vs Cats 3:05 CT

    This team, it's owner and management is affront to anyone who is truly a Chicago WhiteSox fan.
  12. QUOTE (fathom @ May 4, 2012 -> 07:42 PM) Yep, and said he's 100% behind the decision To have him disagree with management would be real news..but of course if goes Harry on them, he's out the door.
  13. QUOTE (Y2HH @ May 4, 2012 -> 04:50 PM) Why are you people insane? Did I seriously read someone call for KW to "leave" because Sale has a sore elbow?! Seriously? Would Sale be better on the DL? I sometimes wonder about the lack of logic around here. We are requesting his departure because his hasn't done crap in 7 years...and now this????
  14. QUOTE (fathom @ May 4, 2012 -> 04:35 PM) Yep, it's true. Sale has tender elbow, and Sox don't want to jeopardize his future I guess. Kenny Williams, please leave I'd help him pack....yes indeed
  15. mcgrad70

    GT: White Sox @ Tigers

    QUOTE (fathom @ May 4, 2012 -> 09:00 PM) I really worry that Ventura has no idea of how to use his personnel. I loved Robin as a player but there was nothing in his make-up that suggested he'd be a good manager. AJ I believe would be an outstanding manager.