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  1. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    Engel Recalled

    I agree with Steve Stone's prior statement that he could be a starting center fielder if he hit .250 plus because of his superb defense. One game is not a lot, but his swing looks better. In his past 30 games in the minors, he was hitting .400. In June, his OPS was .804, and in July, his OPS was .923. The White Sox always thought Adam might be a late bloomer. He's only 27 years of age. If he plays well the rest of the year, he might build up some usefulness for the Sox or have a bit of off-season trade value. In any case, I've always enjoyed his defense and enthusiasm. In his evaluation phase comeback, he now is hitting even better than his June and July minor league numbers (.545) or 6 for 11. I would not be surprised if he makes it as a defensive oriented center fielder who can hit over .250. If he hits at that level and with his defense, someone will want him to play center field for them.
  2. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    Herrera to DL: Jimmy Cordero Recalled

    Does anyone know how Cordero's stuff was in AAA with the White Sox? The reason that I ask is that, in the past and as a prospect, he had a fantastic arm and threw electric stuff, but his command and control were bad. Even this year with another organization, his walks were high. For the White Sox AAA team, in contrast, he not only had great all around stats, but he only had 2 BB in 13 games and 17.2 innings. Is his stuff still electric? Could this be another Tommy Kahnle story where a relief pitcher with A grade stuff but D level control all of a sudden is transformed? Jimmy is only 27 years of age, so it would be interesting if he is indeed becoming another Tommy Kahnle type transformation story.
  3. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    Two Sides to the Trade & Free Agent Coin

    A lot of heavy duty analyses and commentary was provided on the various sides of this issue. My take on the issue is simply that when I see someone good that we received in a trade, such as Jimenez, my thought pattern goes to combining him with Robert, Moncada, Anderson, Vaughn, Madrigal, etc.. Most of the time I don't think about his coming over in a great trade, and the reverse is true for bad trades or signings; but then I see in various places, such as Twitter, where something unrelated happens that is potentially good, and Tatis Jr. is brought up again. Maybe I am just somewhat optimistic, but I tend to think that is cool when something works out, such as signing James McCann, and then just say oh well that some other moderate priced free agent did not work out.
  4. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    Two Sides to the Trade & Free Agent Coin

    Most trades are designed to provide a situational benefit to both clubs, and most free agent signings do something similar in terms of short-term benefit. Every once in awhile, a trade or free agent signing is going to seem quite good for ones club (Jose Quintana and Adam Eaton trades, the free agent signing of James McCann). At other times, a trade or free agent signing will turn bad (Fernando Tatis Jr). With regard to the latter, why do so many still dwell on that one. It happened, and it is time to move on. Even a trade like the Sale trade, which provided a lot of long-term value for us and also provided us value as we got players in the draft that we otherwise would not have gotten during the initial re-build phase. In short, though, when is it time to concentrate on whom you have more than how you got them or whom you no longer have?
  5. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    July 2, 2019 The Thread

    I can't wait until we see who else they have inked and to see what the White Sox perception of these players are. It also will be interesting when Baseball America does their review of the signings after they actually have played in professional ball a bit. That change of theirs is actually a good thing.
  6. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    July 2, 2019 The Thread

    I'm guessing the 2020 contract thing may be related to age. It is good that their will be more signing news in the next few weeks.
  7. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    International Scouting Philosophy of Marco Paddy

    In the last 2 non-penalty signing periods, the Sox signed the following ($300K plus) players. All but Luis Robert were a 2nd tier signing: Luis Robert, Josue Guerrero, Luis Mieses, Anderson Comes, Jenderson Caraballo, Lenya Sosa, Franklin Reyes, Fernando Tatis Jr. Santo Vasquez, Haruin Mendoza. (Some spellings may be off.) The philosophy might be stated that you need 3 or 4 Tier 1 signings to get one above average player, and 4 or 5 Tier 2 signings to get one above average player. Will history be kind to Paddy in these 2 particular years? Some might say that hitting on Luis Robert and Fernando Tatis Jr. already makes this 2-year period a success for Paddy. This will be the 1st International signing period for Paddy since these 2 years.
  8. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    International Scouting Philosophy of Marco Paddy

    I thought I would mention some of the highlights of the scouting philosophy of Marco Paddy when it comes to young players because it will give some insights into how the Sox roll when it comes to International Signings. Please see an excellent 2016 Future Sox interview for further details: http://www.chicagonow.com/future-sox/2016/09/exclusive-interview-director-of-international-scouting-marco-paddy/ In short, Macro has said that they will make exceptions and go after more expensive "upper tier" players (i.e. Robert, Adolfo), especially if they are older, but they will more consistently take the greater quantity of "second tier" players (i.e. Fernando Tatis Jr.) because the odds are better if you take a quantity of quality players when you are dealing with 16 year of age prospects. And Tatis Jr. was exactly the kind of player he had in mind when talking about "second tier at age 16" type of players. "We don’t think that’s the best way to go. There are very few players in that upper tier but there are quite a few players in that second tier who can be developed into what you’re looking for. I mean, when you’re talking about 15 and 16 year old kids, it’s so hard to determine exactly how their career is going to evolve. I think it makes perfect sense for us to operate the way we do. " -- Marco Paddy
  9. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    Trade for Clint Frazier?

    I would be willing to bet that Rick is mainly looking for starting pitching right now. For all other positions, he will either wait to see what the young guys do (including in the minors) or wait for free agency.
  10. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    Collins getting called up

    Collins bat probably is ready, and his catching and pitch handling is probably at a place where he can best learn at the major league level. His .374 OBA and .855 OPS mitigates for a few strike outs. His walk to ab ratio is similar to a Mookie Betts and way better than any of the current White Sox players. Collins is 24 years of age and is one of those guys who should be allowed to show what he can do.
  11. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    Jordan Stephens Claimed by CLE

    Makes sense. The Sox have a lot better middle relief prospects than Jordan Stephens. Don't know why he was ranked the White Sox #29 prospect by MLB as there are more intriguing prospects in the system. As a 26 year old with one above average pitch, his 8.60 ERA with a .330 batting average against are not great stats.
  12. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    Nick Madrigal promoted to Birmingham

    If Madrigal hits, pitchers are not going to want to pitch to him when there are men in scoring position. If there is someone on first, he will be marvelous for hitting and running or for getting a single or double in that situation. I'm sure he will take any walks that come his way. When no one is on base, a base hit could soon find him on second with his ability to steal, or he can wait for the big boys to drive him in. If he hits, pitchers are going to have to be careful with him, and he will get his share of walks.
  13. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    Nick Madrigal promoted to Birmingham

    Right now, with Nick having enough time to get adjusted to pro ball, he has a .579 AVG and a 1.337 OPS in AA Birmingham. Let us see how he does in AA ball.
  14. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    When will Luis Robert be promoted again?

    Vazquel recently said that AA is a very good place for Robert to be for a while. As Hahn and others say, a prospect will tell you when they are ready for the majors; and if the White Sox wanted to, they could promote Robert from AA to the majors. As it is, they want him to get at bats and to fully settle into the American baseball environment. There would not be a big down side for him to dominate AA over a number of months.
  15. Thomas_Ventura_Roberts

    2019 MLB draft thread

    If anyone wants to see a very interesting analysis of Vaughn as a hitter, go to the Royals SB Nation link. They did a write-up on him that combined the analysis that you see on various sites, but they also have a hitting expert breaking down his swing using video as to why it is so exceptionally good. The expert does his analysis with a side by side comparison with Gary Sanchez' current swing because the two swings are as close to identical as you will see in two players. Vaughn is basically a pure, all-fields hitter who can hit home runs without trying to hit home runs. One expert said he had 80 grade power to all fields. If that isn't enough, BA wrote "in addition to his feel for the barrel and ability to hit with authority, Vaughn has an uncanny understanding of the strike zone." The consensus is that he possesses a "preternatural" understanding of how to hit. I actually went and confirmed that that word meant what I thought it meant: rare, extraordinary, phenomenal, etc.) My impression is that some experts think getting Vaughn would be the equivalent of getting a Vladimir Guerrero Jr.. I'm not a scout, and I don't know if all this stuff is 100% accurate; however, one could see how even the Orioles or the Royals might be tempted to get an offensive stud and why the White Sox might think that if getting Vaughn were the worst thing they did tomorrow, then they would not be in bad shape.