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59th street

Why you should not want Reinsdorf to sell the SOX

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On 2/28/2019 at 4:14 PM, 59th street said:

Despite ownership's unwillingness to spend at market level for the big 2 free agents; it could be unrealstic to expect better if the Reinsdorf ownership group sold the team.

 The current ownership group paid approximarely $24 million for the team.  The franchise is estimated to be worth  close to One Billion now.  Any new ownership group would likely have to finance a purchase from the Reinsdorf group.  The debt load could negatively impact wild spending on free agents and payroll. 

The fact that the current Reinsdorf ownership group refused to participate at Market rate levels despite having:      Very Low payroll, Extremely  favorable Stadium Lease terms and No Debt Service (instead they have gigantiac equity value) is not likely to be solved by a new ownership group.  

A new ownership group may be more in tune with what actual Market Rate levels are for generational free agents, but the debt level they may have to take on to buy the team could suppress their available cash to spend.  

This failure to take advantage of a truly unique opportunity,  is the most troubling aspect of our owners decision.  Especially since we were in the most advantageous financial position. It is unlikely to be available again any time soon.

 We need a bunch of the prospects to become high performers,  and that is clearly the chosen path. I am excited to see the development. 

I am a White Sox fan for life.   Go Go White Sox. 







Mark Cuban wouldn't have to finance the team.

Neither would the Pritzkers.

And how many billionaires live in the Chicago area?

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