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  1. harwar

    Phil Rogers Article

    QUOTE(SEALgep @ Nov 25, 2006 -> 09:32 AM) I'm not opposed to getting Vizquel, but not for those two, not to mention he suggested including Sweeney. Outrageous! I don't take much of what Phil says very seriously.The guy bleeds cub-blue and only really cares about the northside team. It seems every one of his acticles about the White Sox are really mostly about the cubs.
  2. harwar

    Hey, Freddy! Suck my rooster!

    Garcia is the perfect example of a pitcher who struggles in the AL but would probably thrive in the NL.
  3. harwar

    Da Coach

    Not only has Big Mike sang at wrigley(which i don't have problem with).He said "this has always been a cub town,'its always been a northside town".I do have a problem with that. I never looked at him the same way after that.Hell,he doesn't win s*** without Buddy Ryan,running the best defense in the history of the world,anyway.
  4. harwar

    When is the ALCS Starting

    I know we get the choice of which game we want to watch(fox or fx)but why broadcast both games at the same time? I wonder if anyone knows why fox doesn't broadcast a day game and a night game. Maybe its the same answer i get to everything from world domination to my local grocery bill .. its all about the money.
  5. harwar

    Rumor: Sox "hot" after Wagner

    If the deal for burnett could have been made,then the phillies would have taken burnett for wagner as long as we paid for everything. The problem is that fla. wants the White Sox to pay all of mike lowells' contract,and the Sox won't do that.
  6. harwar

    36 minutes!

    One thing is for sure. The boys over at BBTN are going to get their full of The Chicago White Sox by the time this season rolls to an end. It will be amusing watching them squirm as they have to cover our team more and more.
  7. harwar

    Testing Sig

    test artbell.com
  8. harwar

    Column: White Sox Face Line Up Woes

    The one thing that the heart of the Sox order can do is go-the-other-way.That was one of the things that made their offense so effective in the first part of their last division crown year.I noticed that Konerko pulled the ball much more last year after the allstar game.Hes' much more effective using the whole field.Also,i think Crede will not pull the ball as much this seasom.I fully expect the Sox to score more runs than anyone else in the american league.I also believe that this REALLY is our year to go to the World Series.
  9. harwar

    Sox Fest

    We are getting about 6 inches of snow up here on lake wisconsin.Looks like the fact that i kept putting off getting new tires is going to hurt me this weekend.BUMMER.I hope all Sox fans have a great time!
  10. harwar

    Should the Sox Keep Hawk?

    Hawk really knows baseball but he can be really annoying.I usually listen to the tv & radio both together,so as not to miss a thing.It would sure be funny to get hawk and farmer together in the same booth.One redeeming quality that hawk has is that he wants the Sox to win as bad as i do.