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  1. I bought a Switch and simply enjoy it for the fact that 2-3 times a week during lunch at Work, I can play Mario Kart with Co-Workers. Having that sort of portability is absolutely critical. Wish they had some decent Sports Games though. Time to bring back Mario Golf or something...
  2. Cool thanks guys, I'm sending myself an e-mail with all of that info, will let you my thoughts if we got to any of those places.
  3. Does anyone have any recommendations for Portland, Seattle or Vancouver. Hitting up all 3 cities next week for a vacation....
  4. QUOTE (Kalapse @ Mar 18, 2017 -> 03:30 PM) Andromeda looks absurdly big and deep but also like a chore and maybe, kinda bad. I had planned on playing this day one but now I'll probably wait.
  5. Anyone else looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda when it's out in a couple of weeks?
  6. So Benintendi or Moncada, who would you have preferred to be involved here? My guess is also, getting Basabe who projects to be a future CF, might have made the Nats deal with Robles not as good (depending on the other prospects offered).
  7. Anyone up for doing a Fantasy League this season?
  8. QUOTE (Brian @ Aug 24, 2016 -> 06:57 PM) Where have you been the last 3 weeks? Ha, I only just saw it recently on Youtube at NXT Takeover and it was absolutely brilliant. He's already the most over wrestler in the company.
  9. Random thought of the day, how good is Bobby Roode's NXT Entrance Music...
  10. Should try and get a Soxtalk group / clan going if there's enough interest.
  11. Anyone been playing Overwatch on here? Finally bought it after reading all the good reviews etc. over the past few months..
  12. Wonder if the Bulls try to trade up in the draft from 14 if Kris Dunn gets past Boston at 3?
  13. Would you trade for Calderon and a 2018 first rounder?
  14. Would the Bulls take Calderon plus something just for the cap relief and to be players in FA?
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