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  1. That's 10:31 central for the Sox, nothing bad for them on their clock. That's 5:11 eastern time, so if they didn't get any sleep on the flight(if they did minimal and uncomfortable), whatever time they awoke in Cleveland they would've landed back home around 5 am on that clock. Not to mention what time they got home...6 am/ 7am? It's a good thing they play a night game, but I would expect some tired players tonight.
  2. Yeah it was way over his head, but in general, he looks too slow and unathletic to get to anything with urgency. Seemed like he just plodded along, but it's his full speed LOL
  3. Vaughn hasn't been able to get to a couple balls this game, that a more average LF would've gotten to. VV needs to start looking to rent an apartment in one of the minor league cities as well...if not dfa totally.
  4. I wanna use this team to escape modern life's stresses and complexities, but they just make the insane hell even worse...
  5. with his view that the team lacks fire, would he want to re-sign, especially with the year he's had, a team would definitely take a flyer on a 2 year deal with him.
  6. I might go to tomorrows game as well. On vacation, was wanting to hit one of the games...Ohtani was preferred, and Kopech is the matchup. Why not?
  7. Until the Sox DFA Leury, you can't really call them being serious about the year. Serious MLB teams would've dropped him by now...you have more than a few guys that could at least replace him, He is below REPLACEMENT level...he needs to be replaced.
  8. Sox don't need a DH for the pitcher, the need a DH for Harrison.
  9. DK was the exact opposite of a greatest player on a shitty team. He was the shittiest player on a good team
  10. The playoffs his first year is the spot where I was done with the 3 year deal...suffering through the last season and 1/3 sucked
  11. KY sounds like he's a video game announcer with the canned repetitive droning...All you have to do is hit play at the start of the game and his voice over replay still works in every game
  12. Tried to watch a pirates v Padres...just saying, the sox guys are excellent to listen to compared to most out there. Every other team has drones that talk nonsense it seems
  13. "Will we have a sequel to Dune? If you watch the movie and see how it ends, I think you pretty much know the answer to that." -Ann Sarnoff, WB Media Chair/CEO
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