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AAP: Luis Gonzalez

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"Luis is a guy that we believe there definitely is still ceiling for. One of the biggest misconceptions in the draft is when its a college player and hes not 6’4’’ and 160 pounds there is no projection or ceiling left. This guy was a two-way, he pitched and hit, so we felt that once he just focused on hitting, his hit tool, his power tool, his strength, all going to raise back. At points his arm strength was well below average, he was tired, he was worn out. Then in instructional league he shows up and he is showing an average arm and running and getting everything in the outfield. Its just a matter of him being able to play CF. He fell right into what we were trying to do, get guys who get on base, guys who put the bat on the ball, and he is left handed, aggressive kid. Luis fell in the draft due to some off the field stuff that we dug into and went over and over and had to feel comfortable to take that. Luis went out to hitters camp and blended right in with those big league guys. I do think the upside is very high and he is going to stay in CF, which anytime you stay in the middle of the diamond his value continues to increase."

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