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  1. Cairo Santos is the Tank Commander. It is kinda wild just how many games they've been in with the lack of talent on this team. It makes competing next year less crazy to think about for team that's currently picking 2nd in the draft.
  2. Is Yoan the next Alex Rios? Every other year he seems to have a good year. He didn't have a great year in 2021, but I'll take a 117 OPS+. Obviously 2019 Yoan would be much more ideal.
  3. They still play each other so someone's gotta win. If the Bears lose out they're picking no lower than 3rd. They do need some help to stay at 2 though. Fields threw some really nice balls today and that's super encouraging. I really can't wait to see what this team looks like next year. If Poles plays his cards right there's no reason they can't be a playoff team. Fixing the trenches is gonna go a long way in fixing the team as a whole. Shoutout to the VERY depleted secondary today. I know Rodgers is banged up but the fact that they didn't get completly shredded is a huge plus and kinda shows that there is some depth there.
  4. It's becoming more and more clear. Dude plays with good vision, he takes all the right angles, he's making plays around the line of scrimmage. He's growing on me every week.
  5. The perfect script would be Fields having a breakout game with his arm, Rodgers being clearly outplayed, but Green Bay runs for a 3+ TDs and the Bears lose by a FG.
  6. There's a large part of me that wants the bears to beat Aaron Rodgers,but man that pick could be super juicy.
  7. I heard on the radio that Braxton Jones is PFFs 24th ranked OT(not just LT.) That's not bad for a rookie out of a small school. I still don't know what to really think of him and it bothers me. If he can just work on his strength training, the rest is there. Totally forgot he ran a sub 5 40 yard dash, which, for a 310 pound OT is very good. Arm length is there. He seems to be smart. Good run blocker. I think the stink of him being a 5th rounder might be clouding some judgements the other way.
  8. So, you don't think he's a good because he went undrafted? TJ Edwards is a guy I have my eyes on in free agency and he too was an undrafted linebacker. Right now Edward's is the 3rd best LB in the league according to PFF.
  9. I don't know it. I wasn't even over the top and talked about him as the SAM. I don't think he's Urlacher or anything, but I absolutely think he can be Hillenmayer.
  10. Jack Sanborn is the leading tackler in the league since taking over as a starter. I think a lot of that, and Smith leading the league when he was here, is the DL not making stops, buttttt Sanborn looks like a guy. At the very least I'm more than comfortable with him being the starting Sam next year.
  11. He should definitely sit. If the OL was better I would be fine with him toughing it out and telling him to try and avoid running at all costs, but the OL sucks and the jets pass rush us legit. I feel bad for Semien. They are gonna really get after him....It's gonna be interesting what the narrative will be if Semien comes out and throws for 250+ yards.
  12. Another debate I continue to go back in forth in my mind about is Braxton Jones. I'd like to think he's doing a solid job with plenty of room to grow. Then the other side says, "Is that good enough." LT is undoubtedly the most important position on the line, so is solid with room to grow good enough at that position? I get mixed reviews on Orlando Brown. I think he may be a little overrated and I'm not sure I'm willing to be the team that gives him big money. I'm down on the LT group in the draft. None of em sound like can't miss. I wouldn't be mad if they go thar route, especially if they think Jones would be even better on the right side, but man, Williams and Carter look like they can be all pro type game wreckers which this team desperately needs.
  13. Alright gang, what are our thoughts on Will Anderson in a 4-3? I'm going back and forth between him and Carter, but only because of fit. Anderson can be an absolute game wrecker if used properly. Do we think Flus and Williams can get creative enough and use him like Parsons? Is he big enough to just throw him at DE 50+ snaps a game? Carter might be the better fit for the scheme, but Anderson might be the better player....Not a ton of talent at DE in free agency either. Anderson and Payne vs Carter and Davenport or whoever might be something to consider as well.
  14. I have to think Johnson is hurt. I know he came out of the Dolphins game last week with something (hip?) and he's not been right. Guy was a legit shutdown corner up until last week.
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