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  1. I think it's time to break the streak of right handers starting(which is at what 165 straight games?) and use Crochett as an opener. With Kopech going 8 the other day, the pen isn't too taxed.
  2. I recall it being pretty well received at the time. Bulls were trying to go for it and they added a stretch all star caliber player. I still like Vuc and think he should be brought back. I think Derozan should be the one traded to shake things up.
  3. Random AF, but I was looking at the blocks leaderboard for this year. Kessler finished 4th in the NBA. He also finished 37th in win shares. Kessler was drafted after Dalen Terry. I'm ready to play NBA GM now that the NFL off-season has winded down. Lbs.
  4. Who says no...Derozan for Jordan Poole and Jonathon Kuminga? Do you say no?
  5. Now 8-7 with Anderson in the lineup. I know he didn't do anything today and hasn't been great, but it's a thing. Robert starting to heat up. Moncada, Liam, and Crochet coming back soon. Dont stop now boys.
  6. Rookie mini-camp isn't open to the public is it?
  7. Let's play the what if game.... What if Justin Fields is indeed the guy and he takes that Hurts like step? What if Claypool lives up to his potential or even just puts numbers like he did his rookie season? What if Mooney is healthy and has a year like he did 2 years ago? What if Kmet takes another step and has a huge contract year? What if Tonyan is the big time red zone threat he was in 2020 where he had 11 TDs? What if Braxton Jones puts in the work and added the strength needed to fix his issues with the bull rush? What if the back 7 stays healthy and is a top 5 group in the league? What is Gipson even just matches the 7 sacks he had 2 years ago? What about Walker matching his 7? What if the rookie class proves to be good right outta the gate?
  8. Ngakoue still makes too much damn sense right now. Or Clowney, but he probably goes to a contender(Bears aren't far off from being one.) Ngakoue has had at least 8 sacks every year. If you can get that and Walker can replicate his 7 sacks from last year or Gipson looks like he did 2 years ago, you might not be in that bad a shape on the ends.
  9. Overall I'm satisfied with the draft. The DTs kinda give me Ego Ferguson/Will Sutton vibes, but hopefully the coaching is better this time around. High ceiling players, but low floors.. Sounds like Florida had Dexter "Mirror" a lot and that's the explanation for his slow get off. Guys obviously super athletic, so I believe it. He could be that dude in this scheme. Love Pickens length. I like having length on the DL. Both he and Dexter ran sub 4.9 40s so there's a lot of athleticism there between the 2. Johnson gives me AJ Dillon vibes and I'm happy with that. Really hope Getsy does more of what he did in GB and gets the RBs more involved in the passing game. Love the Scott pick and really hope he seems time out there. While Moore/Mooney/Claypool aren't exactly slow, they don't have the same top end speed Scott does. Guys really gonna be able to stretch the defense and open things up. Sewell is a stud. I wouldn't be shocked at all if he starts over Sanborn. That secondary can be really fuckin good if Stephenson and Gordon play up to their potential. There's no weak spots if everyone plays up to their potential. I think all 6 guys play a roll and play it well.
  10. I thought it was a great value pick honestly. There was a time where Sewell was looked at as a 1st round talent. Also the Bears have zero depth at LB and there's an argument to be made that Sanborn shouldn't just be handed a starting spot.
  11. I like it. Looks like at the very least he can be a good 3rd down back....here's a little paragraph from a write up I read... Johnson did a little bit of everything for Texas. Yes, he took carries and helped shoulder the workload for Robinson. But he also lead blocked and pass blocked. He took catches out of the backfield and split out wide at times. He went in motion and took running snaps from the wildcat position as well.
  12. I'd like... Luke Wypler OC Andre Carter DE Isaiah McGuire DE KJ Henry DE Jaylon Jones CB I'm with Chisoxfn in that I can wait on the center, but Wypler might be too good to pass up. I like Whitehair, but he's only got 1 year left and is getting old. Bears have a ton of guys at DT, but DE is still a huge question mark to me. Wish I knew what the NW kids medicals were. He's gotta be worth a shot at some point!
  13. I dont hate it. A great secondary will make a mediocre DL look better.
  14. Minny OC here?? Still wouldn't mind the NW guy.
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