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  1. Was DJ Fluker ever any good in the NFL? He's trying to make a comeback and he's in ridiculously good shape. Would you take a chance on him? I'd still wanna take an OT very early, but maybe bringing him in means you don't necessarily have to take one in the 1st.
  2. I definitely don't see him going 10, but I would not be shocked if he was gone before the Bears 2nd round pick nor would I be shocked if he went late in the 1st. Guy had a ridiculous day at the combine and someone's gonna put some stock into that.
  3. Mel Kiper just said the Northwestern DLineman, who I won't even try spelling, could go as high as TEN in the draft! I know he blew up the combine, but damn! The PFF mocks routinely have him available for the Bears in the 2nd round.
  4. They reallllly can be scary. Bears SHOULD be right up there with them in 2024. It's gonna be a fun little rivalry for years.
  5. That's fine. I really do think Jones can be pretty dang good if he just gets stronger which is possibly. I'm content giving him LT for another year.
  6. I think it's pretty clear that that is the plan. Definitely not a bad plan either. I know you like to go into the draft looking at BPA and not forcing yourself into a position, but this really works out.
  7. Biggest difference between Foreman and Herbert is it appears Foreman is a good pass blocker. Haven't really seen anything from his NFL career, but one of the notes I seen about him coming put of the draft is he allowed zero sacks on 160 pass blocking attempts.
  8. Pretty good stuff here on Billings. For a stretch last year he was one of the better DTs in the league. https://www.google.com/amp/s/justblogbaby.com/2022/12/03/raiders-special-defensive-tackle-andrew-billings/amp/2/
  9. I mean if you bat 3 for 10 it's the same batting average if you go 30 for 100.
  10. Pass blocking win rate.... Braxton Jones: 92.8% Orlando Brown: 91.8%
  11. I thought Clowney was already a free agent. Bud Dupree is a 3-4 edge only right? I still think they need either Clowney or Yannick. Get Gaines or Poona for NT. Draft 2 DLineman in the 2nd round after getting your OT in round 1.
  12. Him getting just 16m a year backs up everything thats been said. I heard teams around the league were scared to commit to him, not just the Bears. To me, he was just a name, and I was fine passing on him. I believe Braxton Jones had a better PFF rating than him if I remember correctly.
  13. Cox is now back with the Eagles. 1 year 10 million. Greg Gaines and Poona Ford are still out there and thats about it.
  14. Yikes. The weight doesn't bother me too much, but him not being able to finish the drills is scary. Gonna be reallllly interesting to see what happens. I still can't imagine him dropping out of the 1st.
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