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  1. This QB class looks ridiculously deep. CBS has 12 QBs in their top 80. Depending on how well Williams does in this toughhhhh stretch of games coming up, I think I may consider looking at taking a QB in the 2nd round and making it a legit QB competition between that guy and Fields under a new head coach.
  2. He has, but he was still fitting balls into tight coverages and putting the ball where it needs to be regardless. He really hasn't really feasting on wide open throws because said teams are bad.
  3. Man... I think I posted just a few days ago that I'd still draft Williams, but if Justin keeps playing like this for 12 more weeks, I think you gottttta stick with him....Again, this assumes 12 more weeks of looking like an MVP candidate. If they can do Moore type trade again for an impact DLineman that'd be huge....Like replace Moore with Maxx Crosby or something.
  4. Here's an interesting thought...Let's say the Fields turns it around and Carolina gets us the #1 pick. I think, I still take Williams and trade Fields. Having a QB on a rookie contract is still a huge benefit in the NFL.
  5. Man, I was starting to believe for a minute. Not believe that they were playoff caliber, but believe they were not all that bad. I know Denvers D is the hottest of all garbage, but Justin was still making plays he needed to start making regardless of how bad their D is. Made a few tight coverage throws which we haven't really seen much of and he was throwing in the face of some pressure. Regardless of how bad their D is, the pressure and tight coverage on some of those throws was encouraging. Those last 2 turnovers though and just the overall loss totally killed my good vibes though.
  6. Ehhhhh, I'll pass. He's 32 and the Bears, on paper at least, are good at guard. Kmet signed an extension. 3 years 50 million with 34 guaranteed. I like it. Kmet last year, on a team that threw it less than any other team in the league finished 13th in yards, 3rd in TDs, and among the top 13 TEs he finished 5th in YPC. Arguably a top 10 TE with those numbers last year, I think this year he makes an unquestionable leap into the top 10.
  7. Wonder if a trade of a guard is looming.
  8. Bulls are said to be in on Wood with the Heat and Lakers interested as well. He'd definitely make the team more interesting.
  9. Well there we go. Why is no one, including myself, talking about Christian Wood? Offensively I think his game fits here really well. Defensively, well, they'll score a lot of points.
  10. Real disappointed they didn't get Mo Bamba. At this point I'd give Bol Bol a shot. I don't think he's ever gonna be great, but he was a good rim protector and definitely adds size. They've added shooting and if you squint real hard Carter looks like he could be a starting level PG. Has the Ball exception gone through??
  11. Vuc is criminally underrated. He gets unfairly tagged as a bad defender merely because he doesn't block shots. I hope they do change the offense to give him more touches.
  12. Not sure if any of it is reputable, but I've seen multiple reports that say Bamba wants to play in Chicago.
  13. Hoping the Ball exception goes through and the MO Bamba rumors are true. That'd be yet another 3 point threat and some much needed rim protection.
  14. Bulls add another solid 3 and D role played in Torrey Craig. Again nothing flashy and won't "Move the needle" but a good add nonetheless. He actually started 60 games last year for the Suns.
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