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  1. 7 minutes ago, greg775 said:

    Sox win again. With just two hits.

    Look, I heard on the broadcast the Sox have a ton of young pitching. With Cannon, Crochet, Thorpe and some of the AA guys the Sox may have a good start toward a mediocre staff. I repeat, no need to trade everybody. Let's buy some players this offseason and go .500 and make the playoffs.

    And we can all buy a house or 2 with our Moneyline bets!

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  2. 8 minutes ago, hi8is said:

    Since our team is what it is… I figure I’ll begin a new tradition.

    In each of our game threads I’ll now highlight other games around the league which figure to be the most important or best match ups.

    Today that distinction goes to:

    1.) Baltimore v New York

    2.) Cleveland v Seattle

    ReyLo vs. Skubal tomorrow, Sale vs. Rodon Friday

  3. 1 minute ago, chitownsportsfan said:

    Got any quotes? I mean, who wouldn't believe it? The vendors have to pissed at how bad the team is, that cuts into their tips. At T-Mobile I was being flashed the reader with 15/20/25% on every purchase. I didn't tip, but I know a lot of people feel that pressure and will when the employee is right there in front of them. I would wonder if like most places only a fraction of that tip goes directly to the employee as well. T-Mobile vendor told me that get pooled and the vendor takes a cut as well.

    This is an aside but I'm getting so sick of our tip culture. You're charging $11+ for a product that costs you under a dollar and we are still expected to tip?

    Grabbing a beer from a fridge behind you and opening the can deserves a tip now? 

    I have seen videos circulating online of complete self service/self checkout places asking for tips. What!


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