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  1. 45 mins. He should have flew into Billy Bishop instead of YYZ.
  2. Geddy Lee's a giant baseball fan. He's probably super pumped if Shohei goes to Toronto
  3. (Leaving out the big names like PK, Buehrle, Frank, etc.) Bartolo Colon Shingo Takatsu (was obsessed with that delivery as a kid, we all use to try and replicate it) Juan Pierre Willie Harris Dewayne Wise Billy Hamilton Jake Burger Johnny Cueto Liam Hendriks
  4. That chant was awesome. I love when players are special enough to have their own chant. Chanting PAUL-EE with Metallica blaring in the background will always bring back some of my favorite memories.
  5. Adam Dunn Scott Linebrink Craig Kimbrel Dallas Keuchel Aaron Bummer
  6. I was thinking the same thing. All my negative opinions aside I hope I look like that at 87, let alone make it to 87.
  7. Why is everyone trashing Nicky's offense? He tied TA in homeruns this past year.
  8. TLR would have benched Harper game 2 for disobeying the stop sign from the 3B coach and scoring. Kimbrel to face Burger in the 9th.... Would love to see a Burger Bomb
  9. Getz just confirmed Pedro will be back next year.
  10. This is all just political double talk. Generalities and no specifics. FFS
  11. Lol Jerry not taking any questions. p%&*y
  12. NBCSCH has it too on TV FYI if anyone is looking for non-internet
  13. Didn't have Vaughn infield single on the bingo card tonight.
  14. Looks like a huge crowd for "Sell the team" game /sarcasm
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