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  1. Pujols 699, at least I have something to watch the next 2 weeks between him and Judge
  2. Grandal must have lost about 2 pounds running to 2nd there. Fastest i've seen him run all year
  3. You may want to add Tampa Bay to our 0.01% shot. They have a much tougher end of season then Sea. (Sea plays KC, Tex, Oak, and Det) Tampa remaining games: 3 vs. Blue Jays 3 @ Guardians 3 @ Astros 3 @ Red Sox
  4. vs. I guess I must be a glutton for punishment to continue watching these games...
  5. Lol what a fucking joke. I'm watching a movie or something else for a while
  6. Steve Stone "under the weather" today. I drank more than a fish last night too Stoney... I'm sure most Sox fans did.
  7. NO APPEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Who cares how ugly the win is, just get the W and let's do it again tomorrow
  9. OMG JOSH!!!!! I questioned why he was in over Romy today but SHUT ME THE f*** UP!!!!!!
  10. I hope Cleveland gets swept as well! Great post!
  11. Guardians take game one 4-3 after scoring 3 in the 7th and 1 in the 8th.
  12. M V PITO!!!!!! Also give me all the hate but Leury being a good guy helping his fellow human not eat s%*# got us some good Karma... I truly believe that!
  13. Can we rename the game thread 9/16 Elvis Andrus @ Detroit Tigers?
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