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  1. It's $25 in advance, $27 day of. ($15 Sunday)
  2. They usually put it on youtube later in the night or the next morning. Here's the channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/NBCSportsChicago
  3. Lmao who else heard the bronx cheer for the pinch running decision>?>>>
  4. Josh heard Menechino yelling from the dugout "SINGLES ONLY GET BACK TO THE BAG!!!!"
  5. It's alright we got Ryan Tepera for the 11th. Old friend alert
  6. Anyone else catch Yoan laughing in the dugout after the game ended? WTF are you laughing about
  7. Yes. I think everyone on the planet could see there is something physically wrong with Leury tonight. I've never seen you make a game thread before. I think we go on a 7 game streak and take first place this weekend.
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