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  1. M&M guy hasn't left yet and Boston just tied Minnesota. Stay around and bring us some magic
  2. LMFAO I loved that 2nd look back by Eloy to check with the ump on the ball 4 call
  3. Holy s%*#!!!!!!!! We get a break!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Frazier scares me every time he runs for a ball
  5. He was on the Sox from 91-93 .227 BA, .615 OPS, 2HR in 154 games. Would fit right in with this years team.
  6. Banks vs. Heaney No write up because the Sox have me way too pissed off currently.
  7. Did his right shoulder fly away?
  8. Agreed. Time for a phantom TA IL stint if he isn't heading there already. Maybe that will give him some time to sort his personal/mental health out too.
  9. WTF TIM...................
  10. Didn't Grifol just say like 2 days ago "He would never consider moving TA out of the 1 spot"?
  11. IDK how the f*** this is still 1-1 but the Sox better take advantage. Should be like 7-1 right now.
  12. Apple guys shitting on the name "Guaranteed Rate Field". Feels great to hear that on a broadcast. Jason or Steve could never
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