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  1. It's funny you say that cause i literally thought right after the call "My 8 year old self would have LOVED that"
  2. Ok that was nice but come on Schriffen LMAO
  3. Cannon vs. Quantrill Sheets back in
  4. Blopech always making it interesting EastEddy
  5. Pham coming through here, he's playing his way onto a playoff team.
  6. Scoring ILoy on a fielders choice should be +2RBI
  7. Come on Naperville Nicky, you mic'd up bro!
  8. No outs, based loaded. So in 2024 White Sox fashion we will score 0 runs.
  9. Still a QS. 1 run deficit will be hard to overcome tho
  10. I've been doin this for Crochet and most Fedde starts.
  11. What bourbon you drinkin? I'm sippin' on some Voodoo Ranger IPA but wouldn't mind some bourbon!
  12. Also for the record, I don't know anything about him. I just thought it was funny they brought up how he was hired, especially with our recent hiring history.
  13. No this is Mike Shirley, the guy in the booth right now. He's been with the Sox forever but he said he was "lucky" that he got hired, he was friends with someone in the front office.
  14. Oh yay! Our director of scouting just admitted on air that he was a nepotism hire
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