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  1. Call me crazy but I say send ReyLo out for the 9th. Has good stuff tonight
  2. I would say yes unless we score a couple runs or more here.
  3. Think Lucas is our "Ace" right now.
  4. I think Yoan makes that catch BTW
  5. I heard someone yell "Jose Abreu Who?" on the audio feed. LMAO
  6. M&M guy called the strikeout before the ump lol.
  7. I like this Bobby Witt Jr. Think he has several gold gloves in his future
  8. Broadcaster said 98 on that strikeout video, haven't heard or seen anything else.
  9. And Crochet with 1IP 1K 0H 0BB
  10. RotoGrinders.com meteorologist thinks they'll play after ~2 hour delay.
  11. ORANGE : CHW @ KCR - The top portion of a very nasty storm system is going to clip KC tonight... and it's not going to be in any hurry to clear. It's either a very, very long late start (2-3 hours, maybe more?), or a PPD. I don't see any other options.
  12. Since the game thread wasn't stolen today *cough @Lip Man 1 cough* I predict an easy victory.
  13. Tuning out for the first time this year. I always try to be Mr. Optimist but I can't watch this s%*# for my mental health...
  14. Need to bring someone in soon Pedro......
  15. Off topic but the Hawks just won the lottery!
  16. Looks like George made the trip to KC. Must be getting pretty toasty in that M&M's jacket in the 83 degree weather.
  17. Ozzie mentioned during pre-game they may be giving him an extra day or two since Hanser has been hot the last couple days.
  18. With the hole they have dug a split isn't good. Need 3 minimum here and hope for the 4 game sweep.
  19. I agree this needs to be rectified. Let Timmy start a new one and merge this one into Timmy's thread. Because superstition.
  20. Vaughn triple was not on my Bingo card
  21. I'm hoping he just had some bad Skyline Chili and a serious case of the shits.
  22. Man these Reds guys are swinging at s%*# WAYYY out of zone, feel like I'm watching the Sox offense.
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