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  1. I'm not going to get my hopes up but a comeback win here would be the biggest win of the season, and huge psychologically for everyone.
  2. The broadcasters are handcuffed from saying how much of a s%*# show this is, but when you see them getting the most excited all night over Ozzie making a phone call to Andruw Jones you know it's a s%*# show.
  3. Go to settings>Audio track>Secondary and that will fix it
  5. It was for me as well. Go to settings>Audio track>Secondary and that will fix it
  6. You gotta be BLEEPIN me!!! We can never have nice things.
  7. Damn what a show by Rutschman, gonna be tough to beat
  8. Who is doing play by play with Stone? I don't recognize the voice
  9. Can't wait! So glad he'll be seen by the whole country
  10. Don't think it's worthy of it's own thread but Frazier down to Charlotte
  11. But none of the coaches caught this over the past month????
  12. sorry it was 5. I gave the Sox batters an extra pitch
  13. I know TA's struggling and playing like s%*# but what an awful call. That call hurts even more when you're tryin to come out of a slump, u see it correct but get blown call by the ump.
  14. Is this the first TV tandem of Kasper and Beckham? I'm sure it's pretty rare if it's not
  15. Yes it's temporary. Mr. Twitter said there was a surge of non-twitter accounts scraping the servers causing lag.
  16. Yup. I know i'd be there at least once a year or whenever the Sox are in town. Always love a good excuse to go to Vegas.
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