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  1. I swear Stone Pony would give Nostradamus a run for his money.
  2. I have tickets and didn't bother selling because i thought it was gonna be a rainout. If someone wants them let me know. 2 tickets and parking. Section 149. Free
  3. It's the SoxTalk cycle. Something controversial happens > Posters have different opinions but most are polite > A few bad apples turn the discussion into politics > Personal attacks ensue > Mods close the thread.
  4. Well he sure does have his own "Spider Tack"
  5. I skimmed through your post and didn't think anything of it. Read it a 2nd time when i refreshed the page and now i'm dying laughing!
  6. I see a Leury Garcia 9th inning pitching performance coming up.
  7. How do you get any enjoyment out of watching games where we aren't immediately winning?
  8. I love this idea but there is no chance of the Sox ever doing something like this.
  9. Someone posted that a few days ago. Apparently it was similar for both the Yankees and the Dodgers. I'll see if I can find it Edit: Found
  10. Davis Martin vs. Brady Singer Martin making his MLB debut! Has a 2.50 ERA this year in AA-AAA in 36 IP. 9 Walks to 41K's
  11. Can the ump call interference if a ballboy gets in the way?
  12. Getting this one in early. Will update with the TLR day game lineup. Maybe Luis will bat 9th so he can get on ahead of Tim.
  13. Midway is much less of a hassle and closer to the ballpark. I have family in Raleigh, and we usually fly Southwest RDU to Midway. Depending on the days/time you should be able to find some good pricing.
  14. Admins took away the Cody banner and he is pissed off. Bring him back for the KC series and we will 5 game sweep.
  15. The Reds just lost to the Pirates giving up 0 hits.
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