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  1. This ump is fucking Lance so hard. Can't wait to see the ump scorecard after the game. Someone's gonna get ejected soon if this keeps up.
  2. Yup, now that you mention it that's EXACTLY what it is. You can really see it when any part of a player crosses sections with that ad on 1st base side of backstop. Especially when it's a quick movement. Good catch and welcome to SoxTalk @nrockway!
  3. Is it just me or does it seem like they have Lance in front of a green screen whenever they use the CF camera? Looks all pixelated around his outline and nothing else is like that.
  4. Damn! Was hoping for an inside the park homer as his first HR in 200 last ABs
  5. If you signed up for the 2 month free trial for the last Sox game on Apple TV on May 5th you are still in your free window. If you haven't already used it you can also sign up for 2 months free at: http://apple.co/mlbgift ALSO: The Apple TV announcers are.... I'll just be nice and won't say anymore. You can switch the audio feed to Len and DJ for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Bottom right button on the apple TV app.
  6. I think TLR would have beaten that one out.
  7. Lucas going to have to grind through this one.
  8. There's that 77th percentile sprint speed!
  9. Giolito vs. Faedo Our first meeting of the year against Detroit and we face them 7 out of the next 10 games. If the Sox want to prove they are really turning things around here's their chance. Time to put up or shut up. While we play DET and LAA the Twins will be playing TOR and HOU. Grab 5/7 or more from the Tigers and maybe our game threads will have more than 5 pages and 10 people posting. Starting pitching and bullpen have been lights out lately. Offense now needs to step it up with more consistency and take better AB's. TA apparently figured out what he was doing wrong with stance and front leg. If Burger just closes his eyes and pretends he's at Guaranteed Rate, maybe he'll get a couple hits this series. Let's string together some wins and prove the Sox can take the helm of the mighty AL Central.
  10. May 24, 2005 - The Houston Astros would give up 4 runs in the bottom of the 8th and lose 4-2 to the Chicago Cubs. Chad Qualls started the inning off with a double and walk before being replaced. The loss brought the Astros to 15 games under .500 at 15-30. They would get hot and from from June 7th with a record of 21-35 they would improve to 63-52 by Aug 12th. A winning clip higher than Tampa so far this season. The Astros would finish the season 89-73-1 and make a deep postseason run beating the Braves and Cardinals (a 100 win team). In a 4 game sweep they would lose the World Series to the Sox including an iconic grand slam by Paul Konerko off the aforementioned Qualls in game 2. I'll keep drinking my Kool-Aid, but if they could turn their year around 15 under from today, the Sox can do it 9 under. We have lots of ball to play and some big guys coming back soon. 3-4 (or what should be) 4-4 in Detroit and I think we get a lot more people giving this team a shot after abandoning the season.
  11. Twins next series: Blue Jays .531 Astros .571 Guardians .429 Rays .700 Blue Jays .531 Brewers .551 Good time to take over the "AL Comedy Central" as @Greg Hibbard coined it last night.
  12. Bases loaded and no outs, our old nemesis!
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