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  1. Btw, I'm sure Jerry is taking notes. Think how many more Campfire Milkshakes he could sell if he forces the fans to roam the concourse while the game is being played.
  2. Yup, that was the only point I was trying to make.
  3. Tarp beast claims another victim. I don't think Schriffen has seen it happen before.
  4. So the multi-million dollar assets on the field are allowed to keep playing but the fans have to leave the seats due to lightning? What kind of dumbass rule is that.
  5. Per Kevin Roth, meteorologist for RotoGrinders ORANGE CHW @ CHC What looked like a "we've got room between 2 storm lines" now looks like "the main batch comes in smack dab during the game (and this is why we don't trust rain forecasts more than a few hours out from gametime). Anyways, looks ugly, scattered storms. I'm not sure if they'll be able to play, but it seems likely that a delay of some sort will be a part of whatever takes place.
  6. Maybe it was the shadow boxing on the way back to the dugout and they are too embarrassed to admit that.
  7. Can he catch? That's a big BA improvement over Maldy
  8. Just manually take out the x and replace it with twitter in the URL, works for me
  9. No, it's a conspiracy by the mods against WestEddy
  10. Bump. 0-3 1-2 0-4 0-3 1-12 including the first time in franchise history going winless on a 7+ game homestand.
  11. Someone has to be fired tomorrow, right?
  12. Didn't ReyLo improve a ton after Lasik or am I misremembering
  13. Manoah vs. Flexen Beni finally riding the pine, so bet the house on the Sox tonight.
  14. Starting up now for those of us dumb/drunk enough to still be here
  15. 1 down, 75 to go. Bring in robots. Favorite Angel blown call?
  16. I knew when we didn't send Nicky he wasn't comin home
  17. I just manually change the url back to twitter instead of x
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