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  1. I just manually change the url back to twitter instead of x
  2. Cross Sheets triple against a lefty off your Bingo card
  3. I hope Pham gets traded to a WS bound team, he deserves it. f*** the rest of these scrubs
  4. Does his dad really tweet? The only Sox dad I saw tweeting was Rick Giolito and it drove me nuts.
  5. Don't worry guys. If Julks, and/or Lee get on we have Beni, Mendick, and Lopez to bring em home!
  6. Lol I posted it a week or two ago against the Nats or Cle, i can't remember. It's been going around twitter for a couple years
  7. Also since Beni is 0-3 just wanna share this Jay Cuda banger from earlier today
  8. There are 75,000,000 reasons why they should. Can we get our resident economist @caulfield12to talk about sunk cost fallacy?
  9. "Yes it was interference but since we called it wrong last night we are giving this one to the Sox" -Blue to Orioles skipper probably
  10. Come on Pauly, I was at ISU with you how about a single for us Redbirds
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