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  1. He noticed the wall and didn't run into it. I'd call that an improvement
  2. Dang was lookin forward to this one after seeing the monster lineup.
  3. Gordon Beckham wife beater night. Nugenix night. First 10,000 fans get a free sample of Nugenix.
  4. Is anyone else having an issue with MLB.COM or MLB.TV? I am unable to load any games
  5. Mod please delete, even though I was a minute earlier
  6. It's being broadcast by the Dodgers network and on MLB.TV
  7. Unless I'm missing something it looks like there won't be any televised games until Sunday against the Dodgers.
  8. Pujols 699, at least I have something to watch the next 2 weeks between him and Judge
  9. Grandal must have lost about 2 pounds running to 2nd there. Fastest i've seen him run all year
  10. You may want to add Tampa Bay to our 0.01% shot. They have a much tougher end of season then Sea. (Sea plays KC, Tex, Oak, and Det) Tampa remaining games: 3 vs. Blue Jays 3 @ Guardians 3 @ Astros 3 @ Red Sox
  11. vs. I guess I must be a glutton for punishment to continue watching these games...
  12. Lol what a fucking joke. I'm watching a movie or something else for a while
  13. Steve Stone "under the weather" today. I drank more than a fish last night too Stoney... I'm sure most Sox fans did.
  14. NO APPEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Who cares how ugly the win is, just get the W and let's do it again tomorrow
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