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  1. there is an all prospect game March 15th. Sox @ Cubs. Will be on Marquee
  2. Guaranteed Rake Field (Referring to the rake the Sox will take from taxpayers, not their offense)
  3. Great for Liam! May have to finally pull the trigger and cross Fenway off the bucket list. Our Sox are in Boston Fri Sep 6th - Sun Sep 8th. Perfect excuse for a weekend trip!
  4. I read the title as "caulfield". I spend too much time here
  5. gives me Altuve & Judge vibes
  6. I saw this writeup and thought it was worth sharing. Lots of stuff I didn't know about Related Reality, what has already been secured in terms of funding, and most importantly why it makes sense financially for the Sox to do this.
  7. I haven't seen this posted yet, but for those worried about parking apparently they have a 4,000 car parking garage planned. https://www.chicagobusiness.com/sports/white-sox-stadium-plans-78-revealed-architect-renderings
  8. Wow. So cool. If anyone has a link to the WGN segment please share!
  9. If they had a path/riverwalk from Union Station it wouldn't be too bad. Like 1-1.5 mile walk. I would absolutely love that. Take the train from Walter Payton Roundhouse in Aurora and a nice walk to the stadium.
  10. I say yes but that's probably a biased opinion. Buehrle was also insanely efficient time wise. I think this video was posted last year but if you haven't seen it: My aunt & uncle decided to spend extra money one time for the scout seats & buffet. Buehrle pitched that day and they weren't happy. Def did not get their moneys worth for food & booze.
  11. I was having a rough day and this thread made me laugh out loud. Thanks!
  12. 45 mins. He should have flew into Billy Bishop instead of YYZ.
  13. Geddy Lee's a giant baseball fan. He's probably super pumped if Shohei goes to Toronto
  14. (Leaving out the big names like PK, Buehrle, Frank, etc.) Bartolo Colon Shingo Takatsu (was obsessed with that delivery as a kid, we all use to try and replicate it) Juan Pierre Willie Harris Dewayne Wise Billy Hamilton Jake Burger Johnny Cueto Liam Hendriks
  15. That chant was awesome. I love when players are special enough to have their own chant. Chanting PAUL-EE with Metallica blaring in the background will always bring back some of my favorite memories.
  16. Adam Dunn Scott Linebrink Craig Kimbrel Dallas Keuchel Aaron Bummer
  17. I was thinking the same thing. All my negative opinions aside I hope I look like that at 87, let alone make it to 87.
  18. Why is everyone trashing Nicky's offense? He tied TA in homeruns this past year.
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