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  1. I forget where but someone linked a statcast sprint speed that had Burger tied or faster than Robert a month ago
  2. GET HIM GAVIN THAT IS 2 BULLSHIT CALLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. And that is case in point why you dont move Moncada to 2B and put Burger at 3B.
  4. An average manager pulls him to start the 7th. A good manager gives him until 1 baserunner. Pedro tries to string him longer. Ruining his confidence and taxing both him and bullpen unnecessarily.
  5. I think Ichiro would have a triple on some of these Yas singles lately.
  6. Man if we didn't suck balls I would feel so happy to have Jason Benetti and AJ Pierzynski showing off the Sox on a national broadcast. Instead I'm just embarrassed.
  7. LFG LUIS!! Love the way he admired the bat lol
  8. Yall are really talkative tonight!
  9. Abreu hasn't hit a HR yet so would be fitting for him to go 8/12 with 3 homers this series.
  10. If they took 3/4 or 4/4 in Kansas City I would have really considered opening up my mind... I've given up all hope now though.
  11. Call me crazy but I say send ReyLo out for the 9th. Has good stuff tonight
  12. I would say yes unless we score a couple runs or more here.
  13. Think Lucas is our "Ace" right now.
  14. I think Yoan makes that catch BTW
  15. I heard someone yell "Jose Abreu Who?" on the audio feed. LMAO
  16. M&M guy called the strikeout before the ump lol.
  17. I like this Bobby Witt Jr. Think he has several gold gloves in his future
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