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  2. I don't see that option under Theme https://gyazo.com/c43366013262d29dca844d67b8a8c5d1
  3. AJ in the booth, Cease pitching, and a cold one in front of me. Going to be a great night
  4. Thanks for the work. Any chance for a Dark Mode/ dark theme?
  5. The whole team running on the field after the Vaughn HBP just galvanized this team. Huge game lets go Cy Cease tomorrow 3GB
  6. They are right this is one of the biggest games of the year. We go from 6 back 3 back in 3 days if we win. Let's do it boys
  7. Manager Terry Francona tells reporters that the team believes Plesac suffered the fracture in his last start, when he punched the ground in frustration after surrendering a home run to Jake Lamb (Twitter link via Mandy Bell of MLB.com). That’s the second time in his career that Plesac has sustained an injury while expressing frustration. He broke his right thumb last May when “aggressively” tearing off his shirt following a poor outing against the Twins. Thank you Jake!!!
  8. @ChiSox59 is a genius for starting tomorrow's game thread prior to today's outcome. Guarantees that we win tonight.
  9. Jesus WTF. Add our beat reporters/media to the FIRE EVERYBODY thread.
  10. Did a reporter just ask Lucas how "his psyche handled" TLR being gone tonight??? Did I hear that right???
  11. You ain't nothin but a let down We're cryin' all the time You ain't a nothin but a let down Cryin' all the time Wellllll, you ain't never caught a baseball (Looking at you Adam) And you ain't no team of mine. Well, they said you was ring-bound Well, that was just a lie Yeah, they said you was ring-bound Well, that was just a lie Yeah, you ain't never caught a baseball And you ain't no team of mine.
  12. Bumping this since it's a little more relevant now. Already have hotel and tickets but if anyone has any restaurant or things to check out during the day before game I'd appreciate it.
  13. Running 3.1 Light Theme, no signatures. I'll check if there are still issues on Default. Edit: Already having issues with Default theme as well.
  14. Also have issues where it will randomly not load on mobile. No adblocker. Using safari on iPhone
  15. Because I'm gonna be at the game tomorrow so I asked TLR to bump him so we'd have a chance. Only cost me a couple Natty Lights.
  16. Yup. And to me it looked like Francona was really advocating to not play the game when they all came out with the umps 15 mins ago. No one has done anything to the track since I turned on the stream.... Where the hell is the grounds crew?? Complete bullshit.
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