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  1. Lynn vs. Severino Lynn coming off of a forgettable start however his only 2 starts this year giving up 6 or more earned runs were followed up with a quality start. Hopefully that trend continues. Let's keep the W train rolling!
  2. Lol that is confirmed a homer only at this little league stadium.
  3. I forgot how much I fucking hate Josh Donaldson
  4. Prediction: TA will hit his first homer this series
  5. Giolito vs. Schmidt. The schedule gets much tougher and the Sox will need to show they can continue winning series outside the AL Central. May catch a break and miss Judge for the series, I'm sure we'll hear more on his status throughout the day. Looks like we are also going to miss Cole as well.
  6. Home Backstop 2 - Away Backstop 1. HOME BACKSTOP WINS!
  7. Lol. I was getting Brady Babyface Singer vibes when they showed him warming up.
  8. Clevinger vs. Olson Reese Olson was called up today by the Tigers and makes his MLB debut. So far this year in AAA he's sported a 6.38ERA and a 1.74WHIP. Naturally, he'll probably throw 7 scoreless innings against the Sox. Clevinger making his return from the IL today along with Andrus also being reinstated. The Sox play 26 games in June. How many do they need to win for people to actually care again?
  9. Calling Dr. @JoeC , Dr. Fine, Dr. @JoeC. Calling Dr. @JoeC , Dr. Fine, Dr. @JoeC.
  10. Finally able to sit down and watch the rest of the game. Didn't see any posts about this. Do we need a Hample curse to turn the season around??????
  11. If it weren't for Kopech starting and Liam returning I'd probably tune this one out. Watching Ohtani and Trout is always a pleasure as well.
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