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  1. Yes. I've watched almost every inning this year and have noticed it too. I also could be hallucinating from watching almost every inning this year.
  2. Waited 3 hours and you aren't even going to give us a SOUTH SIDE STAND UP Schriff?
  3. Come on Nicky.... lean into that. if you went NVHS you would have done it
  4. Schriffen talking about his multi-colored pen like a 6th grade girl.
  5. Lance Lynn is probably 9 or 10 beers deep and a few hot dogs too laughin at the Sox. Wait no that's me.
  6. That's the serenity prayer used in AA meetings not the Lord's Prayer. But watching this team neither prayer nor alcohol will help.
  7. You one of those "haters"? Pedro got these guys ready didn't you hear?
  8. No more Sox math but we get Jeopardy now. I'm going with "What is 8 states" for the final answer. I think most people forget Missouri- KC and STL
  9. Bro you're gonna give me carpal tunnel from all that scrolling
  10. I mean in their defense I think 99% of this board could have made that play.
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