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  1. Don't underestimate Pedro's stupidity
  2. Can someone run on the field and take scissors to that stupid ass man bun?
  3. As hawk would say Vaughn missed that by 1/16 of an inch
  4. Can we score 1 run? Or will WestEddy get another shutout to add to the meaningless list
  5. Blopech gonna f*** this one up tonight too?
  6. (Yes I know it's 100 to 1 but it just reminded me of this from my favorite show :D)
  7. 2025: Crochet Fedde Thorpe Cannon Iriarte
  8. Damnit Beckham talking about Salmon again
  9. Don't worry he gets it down 99999 out of 100000 tries, this was just the one.
  10. It's also on MLB network tonight if you get that channel. (Not sure if there are multiple games based on market area)
  11. You gonna be our resident heckler again tonight? Beni's back on the bench so you got an extra target
  12. Cannon vs. Miller 9 hole is cut off, it's Lee not Maldy
  13. Duke in. Will he steal or be caught stealing.
  14. He's got 1 to go. It could be tonight or could be a month
  15. If Maldy gets 2 hits in 1 game i'm going to quit drinking
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