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  1. What's the most lopsided no-hitter in MLB history, we might set that record too
  2. Sad. I imagined him being on the cover of video games a few years ago and now here we are with nothing left.
  3. How fitting would it be if we get no hit the same game we set the all-time franchise losing streak record
  4. I have it muted on a secondary monitor occasionally checking in. I wouldn't call it "watching"
  5. This lineup makes it seem like Pedro is TRYING to get canned
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome
  7. Boy oh boy do we love finding creative ways to blow games
  8. That's 2 miscues by Gavin this inning. Can MLB do a sports betting investigation on him?
  9. Fedde vs. Taillon Streak has to end eventually right? Going to put a Sheets homer prop in, feel it in my loins
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