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  1. Agreed. Time for a phantom TA IL stint if he isn't heading there already. Maybe that will give him some time to sort his personal/mental health out too.
  2. WTF TIM...................
  3. Didn't Grifol just say like 2 days ago "He would never consider moving TA out of the 1 spot"?
  4. IDK how the f*** this is still 1-1 but the Sox better take advantage. Should be like 7-1 right now.
  5. Apple guys shitting on the name "Guaranteed Rate Field". Feels great to hear that on a broadcast. Jason or Steve could never
  6. Alright boys, can we give Michael more than 24 seconds of rest this half inning? Thx
  7. Yesterday really hurt. IDK why I am even going to watch. Should of had 2/3 in LA.
  8. https://chicago.suntimes.com/white-sox/2023/6/15/23762502/white-sox-yoan-moncada-headed-to-injured-list
  9. Beckham describing players weights like fish. "He's a 185 pounder" Jason's cheesy puns . Jason getting excited for a 250ft flyout.
  10. Woah!!! We can score more than 1 run again!!!!!!
  11. 3 innings, but yea. Still a lot of pitches.
  12. I think old Kopech blows up there. Nice to see him recover from the 2 HBP
  13. I think Yaz just increased his Sprint Speed percentile by 10 points with that 1st to 3rd.
  14. Bases loaded no outs. The bane of the White Sox.
  15. 1. TA SS 2. Benintendi LF 3. Robert JR. CF 4. Vaughn 1B 5. Moncada 3B 6. Burger DH 7. Grandal C 8. Sheets RF 9. Andrus 2B Edit: Twitter cropping photo is super annoying. If anyone knows how to link without it lmk...
  16. Gentlemen, it has been a privilege making threads however my time has come to an end. May the next poster bring a bigger streak and better Sox baseball.
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