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  1. It's Laz Diaz. I think after Angel retiring he is top #2 worst umps, maybe #1
  2. Someone in the crowd just yelled "If you hit a home run here Andrew i'll name my 4th child after you"
  3. Honestly i'm surprised we had as many different people starting threads for as long as we did. There are probably less than 5 now who care enough
  4. Forum Decorum be damned, WestEddy just going to start every game thread the rest of the season! Maybe we should change the rule. Instead of having to win you get to keep going as long as the Sox aren't shutout
  5. @WestEddy gettin nervous?
  6. Rain delay theatre. No hangin with Hurt. 3rd period of game 7 NHL bout to start. If you aren't a hockey fan but like comedy Kill Tony is live now. Live comedy show that streams Mon. nights
  7. I think once Clevinger is back they go to a 6 man until he's traded, and if he isn't then they really start limiting him.
  8. I grimace every time I watch the Sox.
  9. Thanks, didn't see the lineups posted anywhere yet
  10. They let Abreu go (finally), and we can't let Maldonado go. So they are smarter than us in my book
  11. 70% jog then noodle arm throw at 50MPH back in. Why did we pay almost $80mil for this s%*#
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