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  1. I love me some catfish sammich. Fried okra on the side. Tabasco. Tall glass of brisk Lipton iced tea. Keep your hands and feet out of the eating area.
  2. The look on KW's face is all like "angel's choir!" The look on Adam's face is like "can you believe this s%*#?" I was so excited about the Dunn signing, I bought his jersey. '83. No, that didn't work out for me. Adam the man was and is a real swell guy. Had some sort of music production kind of thing going back then that I thought was cool. Adam the player was like that little dog in the vacation movie. "He tried to keep up for the first half-mile or so". Not sorry for the Dunn or the '83. I have worn it at gigs. It looks positively smashing on me.
  3. Denny's Grand Slam breakfast is a great value and pretty decent grub. Highly recommend.
  4. I'm kinda nonplussed on this one. I was expecting maybe Aaron Judge.
  5. They've lost E. J. and Mooney both in this game. Mooney looked like there is no way he'll be back this season. 😐
  6. I have felt kinda sorry for the poor Lions ever since Barry Sanders decided to retire rather than not. But I'm not feeling it this week. Da 🐻🐻🐻 Da🐻🐻🐻 Da🐻🐻🐻
  7. And I remember Jamie Navarro, I just don't remember if he was any good.
  8. I wonder if "over the hill" in Schu-ese translates loosely to "on the juice"?
  9. I suggest you urinate vertically along a dangling rope.
  10. I am more optimistic aboot the Bears' future now than I have been since I can't fookin' remember when. 🐻🐻🐻
  11. What did he say about the 800 pound GOrilla on the back of the elephant in the room that is Leury Garcia? I'm all like pins and needles ovah heeya.
  12. Any schmoe can tell Ozzie how great he is. Be a hero and translate his spanglish reply to the rest of us. I love Ozzie. I love him twice as much not managing the White Sox.
  13. How does he plan to use Leury Garcia? All the other stuff will fall into place.
  14. All you got out of reading that big-ass book is Moby Dick's dick is a dork?
  15. Question #1: What are you gonna do about Leury Garcia?
  16. Who had Mendoza on their bingo card? I sure didn't.
  17. I could not care less if they hire Ozzie or not. If Ozzie's children are anywhere near anything to do with the Sox org. or clubhouse, there is zero chance he will succeed. Their bullshit last time around was embarrassing. Just fucking embarrassing.
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