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  1. Just now, Paulie4Pres said:

    Here's the worst part of this loss tonight. The team actually played well enough to win. They were once again sabotaged by absolute fucking head scratchers, decision wise. It made absolutely no sense for Lambert to pitch the 7th. It made no sense for Lopez to only throw 11 pitches. Bullpen decisions likely lost this game....

    So, even with how flawed this team is, they STILL should have probably won this game. With a 3-1 lead, the path was pretty fucking clear, bullpen wise. 90% of the posters here could have made the bullpen calls for the rest of this game. Lopez, Graveman, Hendriks. YOUR BEST THREE RELIEVERS.  What did we get? Lambert and Bummer... lmao.

    No this is bullshit. Contending teams do not have innings like that last one in September.  That was horrific baseball.  

  2. 1 minute ago, Jack Parkman said:

    I believe it is the only way to a world series. They have to at least try again. 

    Even the Yankees and Dodgers have good farm systems to trade for other teams stars. 

    This isn't going to get fixed until Jerry sells or is in heaven.   His cronies and the permanent employees who work here are never getting fired.  They get promoted when they fail.  I am not entrusting Hahn with another rebuild.  I am waiting for all of these guys to be unemployed.  And a new owner or someone else besides Jerry running this.  

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  3. Just now, fathom said:

    Hahn couldn’t have messed up the last three acquisition periods more.  He’s lucky Tony is around to get all the blame.

    The blame goes to the owner.  This mess didnt sneak up on us.  He enabled all of this.  The employment for life crap plus hiring his ancient goofy friend to steer this into the toliet.  

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