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  1. QUOTE (MexSoxFan#1 @ Dec 30, 2010 -> 11:37 AM) I watched both Detroit/Green Bay games and you guys were far from dominating them...just saying. This has nothing to do with the CHI/GB game he mentioned. But as I recall the Bears weren't either, some could say you should have lost week 1 and had the Lions not fallen apart in the 2nd half or blown that final drive you might have lost aga QUOTE (GoSox05 @ Dec 30, 2010 -> 12:52 PM) I think Lovie is gonna bring out the starters and see how things go. If the game gets out of hand by either team he pulls them. He already said he was starting them, obviously if things get out of hand players will be pulled. Still it isn't like he is going to tell Bears fans hes resting their players vs their rival, last thing Bears fans want is for the Packers to have an easier shot at making the playoffs.
  2. QUOTE (MexSoxFan#1 @ Dec 30, 2010 -> 10:56 AM) Oh yeah, the Packers have been piling up those SB trophies the last few decades huh...FYI, the last team from the NFC North to get to the SB were the Bears, Einstein... Packer fans aren't exactly a humble bunch either pal...take a look at their forums, they go around believing the NFC North Division is owed to them and nobody else. Since 2000, Bears have won 4 division titles, same as the Packers and the Vikings 3...where do you get off laughing at our "we don't get to the playoffs often"? You guys don't either When did I ever mention "super bowls" or the term "decade"? Please show me. Since I was born GB has been more successful and that is all I'm referring to, shall we take a look at the 90s? Because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me to. This is a pointless argument altogether when we could go back and forth picking random dates where one team was better than the other, and no I'm not saying you were better in the 2000s. I don't give a s*** that you were the last to make it to the Super Bowl you prick, did you win? Now remind me, who was the last NFC North team to make it to the Super Bowl and win because I forget? I don't visit any other forum than this one, I have better things to do. Why shouldn't they go into the season thinking they are going to win it? When you have one of the best QBs of all time in Favre and now one of the top QBs in Rodgers you should expect to win the division or go to the playoffs, if you think otherwise your a f***ing idiot. More often than not the best QBs in the league will keep their teams in playoff contention. Since you conveniently picked the 2000s, wonder why.... Playoff Appearances: Bears 4/10 Packers 6 possibly 7/10 60/70% is pretty darn good/often imo, more than 4.
  3. QUOTE (DBAHO @ Dec 30, 2010 -> 08:43 AM) All the Lions need is for their offensive players to stay healthy, add another impact player on defense (ideally in the secondary) and that's probably a .500 team next season if they stay healthy. If they can get the LSU corner and idk Herzlich or some LB in the 2nd round they are in a lot better shape. I wouldn't discount them from being above .500 as they are usually active in the off season and have been making some solid additions.
  4. QUOTE (GoodAsGould @ Dec 30, 2010 -> 05:07 AM) Really??? The Packers faced Detroit's 3rd string QB, GB probably loses to Philly if Vick started the whole game, and now you get to face a team that has nothing to play for to make the playoffs. I'm sure there are a couple other breaks the Packers have got too.... What about Tuesdays game? Nobody thought Minny would beat Philly with Webb at the helm, pretty big break right there to help you guys secure a bye. Bears faced Stanton too, lets not forget the 5 other teams that used backup QBs vs your team. And you guys managed to avoid any crucial long term injuries all year. Now that were circling back to week 1 you guys should have lost to Detroit had it not been for the dumbest penalty flag in the game and this could be a totally different season for you. I can continue with these stupid what if statements all day. Your right you have absolutely nothing to play for if Carolina beats Atlanta and Tampa beats the Saints, please, and Lovie already indicated he would play his starters. As a Bears fan you should know this. Even if this doesn't happen do you really think Lovie would let up on us, after all it was his #1 goal to beat the Packers. I was purely speaking we haven't caught any breaks on the injury front, as in nobody is staying healthy, sure injuries isn't an excuse but if you told me we wouldn't be better with someone like Finley, Grant too name a few your a f***ing moron. Heck to be in this position with what 16 players on the IR I'm ecstatic and we still look like a team capable of winning the Super Bowl. Even if we miss the playoffs the front office should get a big pat on the back, goes to show what good drafting/scouting can do for your team's depth. Pretty funny/pathetic how cocky Bear fans get when they make the playoffs, which doesn’t come around all too often QUOTE (lostfan @ Dec 30, 2010 -> 07:23 AM) And lost... btw. What good is a break like that if you blow it So losing Aaron Rodgers must have been a big break........ok
  5. QUOTE (SoxFan1 @ Dec 29, 2010 -> 08:44 AM) Well, yeah, that and horrible coaching and a lack of discipline. Horrible decision making on Mike McCarthy's part I will agree with, without a running game I have no gripe with his offensive play calling even though there have been some head scratchers. Discipline? GB has been very good in the penalty department for a change this year, obviously it is hard to look past the record setting night vs. the Bears or the facemask at the end of the Falcons game. Neither of those aspects even compares to how bad our Special teams is, cost us in every loss this year.
  6. QUOTE (The Gooch @ Dec 28, 2010 -> 11:28 PM) With Bears luck this season I wouldn't be surprised No f***ing kidding, I'm still waiting for Green Bay to catch a break this year. Injuries were really the only potential setback keeping us from a 1 or 2 seed.
  7. QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Nov 14, 2010 -> 04:10 PM) Nuketown is such a fantastic map, and the AK74u owns on it. The GALIL is my fave weapon for any other map though. Also, one of my favorite game plays from MW2, demolition, now sucks in Black Ops, very disappointing. For smaller maps I love the AK74u but the Famas is my go to gun, unless of course I'm on Array or WMD where I usually then go with the G11. Nuketown I love busting out dual wield shotguns with lightweight and steady aim, easy 20+ kills. QUOTE (chw42 @ Nov 15, 2010 -> 03:08 PM) I f***ing despise Cracked, there's so many hiding spots that you don't know what hit you most of the time. Especially if you join in the middle of the game and the other team is raping the team you got dropped on. I've tried using the tactical respawn point at Nuketown to respawn at the other team's base after I die. It hasn't worked too well so far. Great thing about Nuketown is that it's so small, you can put a Napalm strike anywhere and you'd get a good amount of people. Cracked is ok but the camping on that map gets to be annoying, my favorite map would have to be Summit. Don't particularly hate any map besides maybe Jungle. I love the napalm strike in general, always bags me at least 2 kills. QUOTE (chimpy2121 @ Nov 16, 2010 -> 04:24 PM) I love sharpshooter. All the wager modes are enjoyable, love sticks and stones, my personal best is 12 hatchet kills.
  8. QUOTE (knightni @ Nov 22, 2010 -> 03:15 PM) You guys see these? 49ers: http://lulzimg.com/i8/ae2fe998.png Colts: http://lulzimg.com/i8/20659623.jpg http://lulzimg.com/i8/59bd0668.png Chargers: http://lulzimg.com/i8/20659623.jpg Cardinals: http://lulzimg.com/i8/63afdb10.png Bills: http://lulzimg.com/i8/f8b49b80.png Chiefs: http://lulzimg.com/i8/e69f624e.png http://lulzimg.com/i8/208d60bb.png Bears: http://lulzimg.com/i8/861b2e2b.png Bengals: http://lulzimg.com/i8/a3d843ef.png Cowboys: http://lulzimg.com/i8/8b357de2.png Jaguars: http://lulzimg.com/i8/86095f56.png http://lulzimg.com/i8/078e1d0b.png Eagles: http://lulzimg.com/i8/7e6f5624.png Giants: http://lulzimg.com/i8/f5cf3dcb.png Steelers: http://lulzimg.com/i8/e6c2a1a4.png Falcons: http://lulzimg.com/i8/96afff74.png Titans: http://lulzimg.com/i8/5c697ece.png Seahawks: http://lulzimg.com/i8/c2648fed.png Vikings: http://lulzimg.com/i8/d357f26f.png Raiders: http://lulzimg.com/i8/51345424.png Saints: http://lulzimg.com/i8/c73a9191.png Redskins: http://lulzimg.com/i8/5fe01ed3.png Jets: http://lulzimg.com/i8/21a48adf.jpg Patriots: http://lulzimg.com/i8/853f84c4.png Lions: http://lulzimg.com/i8/7fda19a3.png Rams: http://lulzimg.com/i8/1b0b44ca.png Bucs: http://lulzimg.com/i8/035bc730.png Cribbs: http://lulzimg.com/i8/40590b6f.jpg Dolphins: http://lulzimg.com/i8/e26967d0.png Panthers: http://lulzimg.com/i8/5a6aa230.png Ravens: http://lulzimg.com/i8/739c5943.png Texans: http://lulzimg.com/i8/ef4e5256.png Broncos: http://lulzimg.com/i8/b2de96fd.png . . . Too bad they aren't real. No Packers one? Not that I want them changed, just curious.
  9. QUOTE (chw42 @ Nov 9, 2010 -> 12:41 PM) Played through the first mission, but had to stop midway through the second due to class... I'll attempt to beat this thing today. Supposedly, singleplayer is 8-10 hours. I'm jumping right into multiplayer, really am not a big campaign fan, I'll play it through quickly and be done with campaign. Wish work would end so I could go get the game already.
  10. QUOTE (flippedoutpunk @ Nov 8, 2010 -> 01:27 PM) cant believe kobe is a n00b tuber.. this makes me an even bigger Lebron fan Lol, yea I saw that too, can't stand the noob tube. Thank god it is the most expensive attachment in this game and you can't pick up shells with the scavenger perk.
  11. QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Oct 24, 2010 -> 03:57 PM) I'll probably get it. Gamertag: rowdyruss22 I'll be getting it for the 360 as well tomorrow. Have Reach as well.
  12. Packers played a solid game against the Cowboys, really don't have one negative about how the team played, granted the Cowboys are just bad. Nice to see we have finally cut down on the penalties in the last 3 games and are starting to force more turnovers on defense. Bishop, Peprah & Shields have all filled in nicely on defense.
  13. I'm confused, I thought they changed the overtime rules so that a TD is an automatic win in OT and field goal allows the other team to get the ball for a posession?
  14. QUOTE (buhbuhburrrrlz @ Oct 31, 2010 -> 06:55 PM) lol thx. gg guys. IMO, you should keep picking till your eliminated. Lets see how far you can make it.
  15. QUOTE (WilliamTell @ Oct 31, 2010 -> 04:17 PM) Yikes....Chiefs barely beat the Bills before overtime expires. I know the Bills have been playing well the last couple of weeks, but still. A win is a win. Bills are playing some close games, they are bound to win soon. Possible trap game for the Bears? I also see that it is being played in Toronto. QUOTE (knightni @ Oct 31, 2010 -> 05:31 PM) Some pretty piss-poor football was played today. That is for sure, but I'll take the ugly 9-0 win. QUOTE (Soxbadger @ Oct 31, 2010 -> 05:57 PM) Itll be impressive if Farve can play next week, he may have suffered a broken jaw. He will, wonder if he will change up his helmet to protect his chin or wear a strap.
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