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  1. QUOTE (Sox It To Em @ Sep 23, 2008 -> 05:29 PM) This game isn't over. no, we still have to suffer through 4 1/2 more innings
  2. QUOTE (WilliamTell @ Sep 23, 2008 -> 05:17 PM) Honestly. Is anyone surprised? lol, not at all. This is 1 movie thats very predicatable
  3. QUOTE (Friend of Nordhagen @ Sep 23, 2008 -> 05:55 PM) We sorta miss Carlos Quentin sometimes. lol, thats an understatement
  4. Well Javy manned up there. I agree he should def be the 4th starter if we make the playoffs.
  5. IMO, Garland and Jenks should be on the All star team
  6. as crazy as this may sound, i think if we can get our hands on a quality setup man, Dye Gets healthy, and we can trade for a power hitting left or center fielder. I think we still have a shot at this division.....I know im really pushing it
  7. QUOTE(South Side Fireworks Man @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 02:07 PM) That wasn't Terrero. But your point is well taken. I wonder if that was supposed to be a hit and run the way Thome swung at that pitch. Either way, it made no sense. lol, ur right. oops. I could swear the KC announcers said Terrero. Either way, stupid move
  8. wow, Terrero isnt the sharpest tool in the shed. WTF is he stealing with Thome up?
  9. QUOTE(Buehrle>Wood @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:37 PM) Fitting, since Ozzie only nominated Jenks, Buehrle and Javier as our potential All-Stars. Garland is our best pitcher. He should def be considered for the all star team..... Javier over Garland?? wow. Ozzie is really losing it
  10. QUOTE(fathom @ May 30, 2007 -> 01:01 PM) Well, f*** you Ozzie and f*** you KW.Time to back up the bus, this team is toast this year
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