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  1. Was originally going Friday and Saturday, but damn Kenny Chesney has to be in town at the same time. So, I will be there for the Friday night game only... Looking very forward to it, its one hell of a ballpark.
  2. My wife is a Cub fan and was running her mouth earlier. She is quiet now. I like that.
  3. Zambrano will put a TON more pressure on himself to go out and succeed tomorrow night, and he won't likely handle it well. He hasn't been that great since his no-hitter. I could see him doing a complete meltdown job on the mound. That being said, this is rather amusing. Every single one of us, I am sure, have Cub fan friends who spent the last few days telling us how easy this series was going to be and that they were going to sweep the Dodgers.
  4. Just f***ing WIN! Time for Javy to step up...
  5. QUOTE (north side chi sox fan @ May 11, 2008 -> 10:23 AM) Is BA starting today? According to a quote from Guillen in the Booyah network follow-up of the game, he will... http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/recap?gameId=280510112 Personally, I like it. The kid has looked great out there. I can't believe that catch he ALMOST made last night. Especially after the one he did make on Friday night. Hopefully they bring out the sticks again today and kick some Mariner ass...
  6. Great game Gavin!! Heading out there tomorrow, lets hope for a nice series win!
  7. QUOTE(kyyle23 @ Apr 6, 2008 -> 09:38 AM) he caught it, Thats all I am concerned about right now. Such a petty thing to gripe about, whether he put his head down or not, sometimes outfielders lose the ball when they put their head down and run to the spot they think the ball is going to. I agree! Enough nitpicking. For Christ's sake, it isn't like he is Mackowiak out there... He may not be "ideal". But nothing he has done so far would lead me to believe that during the course of the season, should it stay this way, that he can't be good enough at the position to play it well. I think CQ has made a case for himself to stay in this lineup. With that said, Swish will be our centerfielder.
  8. s***... You can feel the f***ing momentum shift... They were up against the ropes too...
  9. Dear Umpires, Thank you for getting us out of the jam. Love, Eric Wedge
  10. f*** YEAH!!!! Nice to see some hustle on that one....
  11. Nice work AJ!!! Wasn't pretty, but I will take it!! Bye bye CC....
  12. Great.... Another year of Hawk 'Stretch'-ing s*** that doesn't even make the warning track... Woohoo!
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