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  1. 9 minutes ago, WestEddy said:

    I was. My comment was more about there being a dearth of MI talent available at the TDL. Senzel's probably more a guy to catch grounders once the dust settles. 

    Then my comment stands.  If someone wanted him, there are 13 days until the deadline,  they would have just signed him.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Lip Man 1 said:

    I thought I recently saw a tweet that stated the Sox had only two full time scouts after cutting to the bone because of "supposed" financial losses.

    If that is true (I have no idea) that's cutting your nose off to spite your face.

    Scouting, drafting and developing are absolutely essential and crucial to any good organization.


    The results sure make a statement if that is actually true.

  3. 4 hours ago, Kyyle23 said:

    Man, I feel like you read one sentence of a post and make up the rest.   Nobody on this site wants to hold down any player if they are able to play at the major league level.  Nobody.  

    What we want, please write this down, is players who are promoted when they are ready and have been coached up to their abilities by the minor league coaches.   Nobody WANTS tanking.  What everybody wants is a good team.  

    What everybody, but you and a select others, understands on this site is that this tanking is necessary because the owner will never do the right thing at the right time.  But you can go ahead and keep blaming this site for acknowledging that they fucked up the first rebuild because Jerry wouldn’t do the right thing.  Keep on blaming soxtalk, Greg.  It’s all us 

    One thing I will give greg is his work ethic at Soxtalk. He's put in decades at this.  I am old enough to remember when he was a thoughtful and reflective poster.  These days it's a shtick at best.

  4. 16 minutes ago, chitownsportsfan said:

    Why the f*** would you option Sosa to AAA, dude has one of the highest BA on the team I don't care how bad his defense is.

    He always Getz his minimally hitting utility man.

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  5. Just now, Falstaff said:

    Excellent, I thought we were stuck at 10th for each round.

    Are you familiar with the amount of money the Sox will have to spend ?

    I doesn't get published for a while.

  6. 7 minutes ago, greg775 said:

    I was responding to the poster wanting to keep our new pitcher in the minors for a long, long time. Heaven forbid he get called up early and help us win games. I'd say most of this board only cares about tanking and rebuilding and don't care how long it takes. On the contrary i want to win yesterday. I care not about prospects. Give me wins.

    weren't you just rambing on about keeping a 40 win team together?

  7. We will put all of the Sox signings in this thread to keep track...


    Italics = Not expected to sign

    1. Hagen Smith LHP

    2. Caleb Bonemer SS

    2CB. Blake Larson LHP

    3. Nick McLain OF

    4. Casey Saucke OF

    5. Sam Antonacci IF

    6. Jackson Appel C

    7. Phil Fox RHP

    8. Aaron Combs RHP

    9. Jack Young RHP

    10. Cole McConnell OF

    11. Blake Shepardson RHP

    12. Nathan Archer OF

    13. Pierce George RHP

    14.  Justin Sinibaldi LHP

    15. Mason Moore RHP

    16. T.J. McCants OF

    17. Lyle Miller-Green TWP

    18. Liam Paddack LHP

    19. Nick Pinto LHP

    20. Myles Bailey 1B

    Bryce Elbin IF UDFA

    Grant Smith SS UDFA

    Colton McIntosh, RHP UDFA

    Grant Magill C UDFA

    Alec Makarewicz, 3B UDFA

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  8. 2 minutes ago, BamaDoc said:

    LOL     If Grant Smith were Hagen Smith's little brother, you could give him 150k without counting against your pool.  You could drop Hagen by 150k , again LOL.  Next year we need a first rounder with ten to twenty little brothers/cousins.  We save millions and sign EVERYBODY.   LOL system beaten

    Pretty sure someone when to jail for doing that internationally.  Wasn't that the Braves skimming operation?

  9. 2 minutes ago, SoxBlanco said:

    I’d rather pick 10th when the draft class is great and 5th when the draft class is weak than the other way around. 

    And we will pick 1st in every round after the 1st round.

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  10. 59 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:


    They have had multiple high level prospects that they did the exact opposite with, they did not hold them down but rather promoted them extra fast.  That scenario simply does not happen with this organization

    multiple high level prospects ON THIS CURRENT TEAM.




     This right here.  They are NEVER patient with prospects.

  11. 22 minutes ago, hankchifan said:

    Sox have been too impatient and too happy dumping salary.  We could have had one of the best pitching rotation in MLB with a little patience.  Crochet, Cease, ReyLo, Fedde and Bummer in the bullpen.  Crochet and Cease are 1-2 in strikeouts in MLB.  150 and 149 respectively today.

    Lopez was a free agent last year.  It was either dump him or lose him for nothing.  They also did really well in that trade with another pending free agent in Giolito who was way more likely to be signed than Lopez as he had actually been dependable... up until his arm fell off.

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