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  1. The thing to remember is that he was a kid once and his team as a kid was the Cards. You cannot take that out of him. If I was in his shoes I would root for them too. If he wants to pitch for them, so be it. He has to wait until his contract is up with the Sox. If he is openly talking about what the article said then I think that is piss poor on his part.
  2. QUOTE(Bonderman38 @ Aug 12, 2006 -> 03:20 PM) You can't say these games matter to the Tigers more than the Sox. The Sox came out on top, kudos to them, no problem. Tigers win tomorrow, 7.5 up, lose, still 5.5 which is a decent lead. If the Sox got swept it would've been much harder for them to win the division. I'm not saying that just because "the tides are turning" Winning is contagious, as is losing. Baseball is a game of streaks. The question now is how your team reacts when it hits a losing streak. You are in one, so we will see how they respond. The remaining portion of the season should be fun to watch!
  3. QUOTE(Allsox @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 08:50 PM) Hey Hawk, how'd the umpire screw Jon there as Cano crushed another hanging changeup to center?!? And if Ozzie says after the game that Jon threw good tonight, I'm gonna puke John got pinched on a few pitches and that has caused him to throw some meatballs over the plate. s*** happens and to compensate he threw over the plate and hung some to get strikes. I personally think that most teams sit back and wait for our entire staff to throw a hanging change up. We have been getting killed with the hanging s***.
  4. The Umpire crew is earning their Christmas bonus from King George this series.
  5. QUOTE(JimH @ Jul 25, 2006 -> 09:08 PM) No. Do you know the significance of 39th and Wentworth in Sox history? Just wondering if I'm talking to someone worth talking to here. That would be the location of South Side Park - the first home of our beloved Sox
  6. QUOTE(JimH @ Jul 25, 2006 -> 09:05 PM) Good for you ... WTF. You are easily amused I guess. Maybe put it on your blog. It would easily be one of your better entries. WTF dude. Do you want me to make an animated Rally Crede for you?
  7. QUOTE(GoRowand33 @ Jul 25, 2006 -> 09:00 PM) What is that for?
  8. QUOTE(Sonik22 @ Jul 25, 2006 -> 06:25 PM) Rally Sandy! KILL Johan!
  9. It looks like a BIG deal will have to involve more than two teams. I think if Kenny pulls one off we will end up with more pitching.
  10. I am all set for tonights game.... Bad Johan.... Bad!
  11. I am feeling good about this game tonight! GO SOX GO!
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