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  1. Wow, I love the hate that I get here.. Thanks so much for spending much of the day talking about me... Go 49ers!!! We will destroy the Ravens this weekend..
  2. There are plenty of people that don't like the Bears either... As the reason why I am online while in New Orleans, my dad is in 60's and can't walk all day, so we hangout in the room, so he can get his rest..
  3. You're totally right, if the Bears were in the SB, these people would be showing their passion for their fav team..
  4. It has been a very nice season.. With our 16 draft picks in April, its only going to get better. I wish Hunter, Manningham, and Williams were playing this weekend..
  5. We should have been in the SB in 2011. Kyle Williams made a few mistakes
  6. I give two s***s if he likes the Niners or not. I told anyone on this site back in feb, that the 49ers would win the SB.
  7. Your team looked bad against the Niners twice this season.
  8. The Packers D looked really bad against Viks. How many yds did they give up to Peterson?
  9. Aaron Rodgers doesn't play RB.. Packers have no running game
  10. Who's hating on the Packers? Its an opinion. Packers D sucks they have no running game will lose 2 Wr's (Jennings and Driver)
  11. Packers D sucks!! I bet the Vikings take the NFC North next season.
  12. The Packers won't win the NFC North for at least 3 years..
  13. 49ers will WIN their 6th Super Bowl this weekend.. Kaepernick will be the MVP...
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