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  1. I heard Hawk & DJ's slams on Mike Caruso & thought it was crude & rude to make fun of a former Sox player. I'm sure Mike Caruso tried his best & doesn't deserve to be slammed on TV for thousands of people to hear. Mike's nickname was "slappy" because he was a "slap" hitter. NOT because all his teammates wanted to slap him for making errors and such. Hawk & DJ should be ashamed.
  2. whitesoxinteractive.com message board has a thread about the Korean pitcher Sang Ho Moon with some awesome big pictures of him throwing. He looks like Johnny Depp some are saying & I agree.
  3. These are the FREE games that MLB.TV has listed......all times are eastern times Watch Wednesday 3/2 1:05pm New York Mets @ Washington Nationals 350K Thursday 3/3 1:15pm Pittsburgh Pirates @ New York Yankees 350K Thursday 3/3 7:05pm Minnesota Twins @ Boston Red Sox 350K Thursday 3/3 7:10pm St. Louis Cardinals @ New York Mets 350K Friday 3/4 1:05pm Los Angeles Dodgers @ Atlanta Braves Just go to MLB.COM. You can find it from there & watch the games on the internet.
  4. Thomsonmi.......Thanks for the heads-up about the Rockies radio station that may carry the White Sox vs Rockies Spring Training game. I clicked on the link & registered to listen. Then tested it & it worked for me. Hopefully it will also work during the game.
  5. Please post here if either one of you guys get those games put on DVD. I'm sure there would be tons of us die-hard White Sox fans that would love to have those games on DVD.
  6. Heather Lee......I'll keep an eye out on this board for some dates & try to make it to one of the SoxTalk get togethers at the ballpark. I have made plans to meet with fellow sox fans for a short tailgate party before the game. It was always lots of fun. We would meet near the port-a-potties by gate 2. One time Mark Buehrle's brother was at the tailgate party. I'll be looking forward to seeing some of you guys. I prefer warm weather too.
  7. WHarris1.......How in the world did you get all those awesome pictures. Did you take them yourself. THANKS!!!!
  8. ASBOOG.........WOW......Aaron Rowand is my favorite White Sox player. I saved the awesome pictures you posted of Aaron & also saved it for my wallpaper. Thanks so much & welcome to SoxTalk
  9. Melissa..... I'll answer your last question....IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$$$$. I don't mind you posting another thread about Magglio. If I don't want to read anymore about Magglio, I don't have to open the thread. I also agree with another poster that Magglio was just saying what he thought the Tigers would like to hear and not what he really feels. It's sad to see players like Magglio & Carlos Lee leave. Very sad about El Caballo, but not as sad about Magglio because of all the HE said HE said stuff. I don't hate Magglio, but he does come off as not looking very good. The Sox probably would have let Magglio go even if he didn't get injured because his price was too high.
  10. HEATHER......I sent you a private message. Please go read it.
  11. I don't think Shingo speaks English very well. He must have used an interpreter. Look in the article on the question about being friends with Loaiza. Shingo said he had language issues and had problems understanding other players. Maybe Shingo has learned more English since then.
  12. SoxFan562004.......COOL logo ORIENT EXPRESS.......Next Stop South Side.......AWESOME
  13. WOW! whitesoxin'.....Rob Neyer admitted he was guilty in being wrong by leaving Jermaine Dyes name off the list & that the White Sox are no longer on the list of 10 teams that did the least to improve. Thanks !!!!
  14. UofIChiSox.......you tried to send me some kind of e-mail from the SoxTalk website, but it wouldn't go through for some reason. Just send me an e-mail to awesomefan@hotmail.com Is that you HEATHER???? If it is you then I got to tell you I saw a reallly COOL Blackhawks t-shirt today at a Goodwill store. I meant to get it for you, but ended up forgetting to get it. I'll go back tomorrow & get it. It was pretty awesome. It had Chicago Blackhawks on it with a picture of SNOOPY dressed in a hockey outfit with a hockey stick.
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