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  1. By any chance does anyone have ticket stubs for the following White Sox games? - 6/13/2003 - White Sox vs Padres - 7/21/2003 - White Sox vs Indians - 7/23/2005 - White Sox vs Red Sox
  2. So..... Does anyone have one?
  3. Hi, shot in the dark but does anyone have a 2011 Kids Club Southpaw mini Bobblehead available? Hands up pose. If so, I would be interested in purchasing it. Please PM me. Thanks!
  4. Hi, still looking for this bobblehead.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for the following bobbleheads. Please let me know if you have any of these as I would be extremely interested in buying them. - Tom Paciorek Fantasy Camp - Art Kusyner "Cave" Fantasy Camp - Southpaw mini Kid's Club
  6. QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Jul 22, 2015 -> 11:57 AM) My mom has this weird obsession with Scott Podsednik. She can't go to the 8/1 game but really wants on of the bobbleheads. She'll pay $20 for one or can trade a Sale or a Kittle. PM me if interested. Most women do... My wife and two sister-in-laws included. "Scotty Too Hottie" is what they call him. Ugh...
  7. Here is a complete list that I've compiled over the years. It is missing the new Jose Abreu ROY and Adam Eaton Star Wars bobbles though. My buddy MYSOXSUMMER posted it to his blog. Good luck on the hunt!!! https://mysoxsummer.wordpress.com/2015/07/0...am-issued-only/ Side note, I'm looking for these 4. Does anyone have them and would you be willing to sell or trade? - 2003 Fantasy Camp Art Kusnyer (Cave) - 2005 Fantasy Camp Tom Paciorek - 2007 Fantasy Camp Greg Walker - 2011 Kid’s Club Southpaw If anyone has these, please contact me!
  8. I'm interested in White Sox Bobbleheads. Please PM me if you have any extras or want to move any.
  9. Hi, shot in the dark but does anyone have a 2011 Kids Club Southpaw Bobblehead available? If so, I would be interested in purchasing it. Please PM me.
  10. I sent you an email inquiring about a couple.
  11. Hi, will anyone have an extra Jose Abreu bobblehead from SoxFest this year that they would be willing to sell? Unfortunately we won't be able to go this year! I have an extra Paul Konerko Final Season Bobblehead to trade, if interested. Please private message me if you will have an extra. Thanks Jim!
  12. QUOTE (Alexeihyeess @ Nov 28, 2014 -> 10:32 PM) Please take a picture. https://www.google.com/search?q=juan+pierre...024&bih=671
  13. So, I'm considering White Sox season tickets this upcoming year. On the Sox site it lists exclusive season ticket holder gifts. Does anyone know or have a list of the end of the season gifts that were given out over the years? I'm curious what has been given out. Here are some that I'm aware of via eBay. 2002 - Nellie Fox Bobblehead 2003 - Harold Baines Bobblehead 2005 - World Series Trophy 2009 - AJ Pierzynski Bobblehead 2009 - Konerko/Dye 300th Home Run Statue 2010 - Jake Peavy Bobblehead 2011 - US Cellular Field 20th Anniversary 1991 Metal Ticket 2011 - Juan Pierre Bobblehead 2012 - 1972 Home Jersey 2013 - 1983 Home Jersey 2014 - Paul Konerko Mini Jersey Statue Mini US Cellular Field Replica (don't know the year)
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