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  1. Couple new blogs! Guys Night? https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/06/08...eed-guys-night/ Interview with James Duda! https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/06/09...duda-interview/ Like to drink? Check this out! https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/06/23...ons-by-quernzy/ Thanks for reading guys!
  2. Celebrating the #fatthlete. https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/06/07...rweight-heroes/
  3. #firerobinventura https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/05/29...-must-be-fired/
  4. Our thoughts from the 108 - https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/05/29...-must-be-fired/ Sorry bud, time to go.
  5. Two new blogs posted! One about the need at DH - https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/05/14...left-handed-dh/ One about the declining quality of the souvenir cups - https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/05/21...-souvenir-cups/ Thanks for reading!
  6. QUOTE (greg775 @ May 5, 2016 -> 02:04 PM) I just read through the blog(s). Great great stuff. Especially telling people not to complain to the workers at the park or you will say something. You said Evelyn and some other lady who served the Italian beef were great. Love that kinda stuff. Where can you buy from them? Upper deck or lower? Thanks! Evelyn works out in centerfield. They do up a great beef. We will be spotlighting some other vendors as the season goes on too. Thanks for reading, if you have Twitter we are on there too! @fromthe108
  7. NEW BLOG POSTED! https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/05/04...s-by-chorizy-e/ Adios John!
  8. New Blog Added! Time to buy the hype fans! https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/2016/05/03...o-buy-the-hype/
  9. Hey guys (and ladies!) many years ago you may have read my blog about going to 50 games for under $500. If you didn't here it is - https://mysoxsummer.wordpress.com/ Last year I posted a few, including a video that got rather popular on the internet, a fan's reaction to the wave - I usually attend weekend home games with the same group of guys. Last year, we decided to start up a new blog which you can find here - https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/ We have some fun stuff planned. So I will update this thread when we post a new blog, much like I did for the 50 for $500 year. Right now we have 900 followers on Twitter, so if you don't follow us over there too - @fromthe108 . Once we hit 1,000 followers the giveaways will start. We have 4 guys that write articles now, some about baseball, all about the baseball experience. Other guys have more baseball knowledge than me too! If you have anything you'd like us to talk about, let me know! Thanks fans! https://fromthe108.wordpress.com/
  10. I sold it to a friend. No longer available.
  11. Gonna have an extra 3 day pass available for sale. If you are interested let me know. Thanks!
  12. QUOTE (LVSoxFan @ Oct 9, 2015 -> 12:27 PM) 100% with you. I'm not a Sox fan because I need an outlet for my Cubs hate. It's not even the team I don't like--I don't like their bro fans. But this is soooooo stupid. Back in '05 I got a letter published in the Sun-Times talking about how it's lonely to be a northsider when the Sox are in the playoffs. On that same page was some loser Cub talking about how he would never, ever support the Sox' run no matter what and he didn't care if they were a Chicago team. Whatever. We don't have any reason to talk--they made the moves, spent the money, and now look at them. Sure they had to go through a couple of losing years to rebuild but do you think anybody cares about that now? We've been putting the same so-so thing out for almost a decade. We should be EMULATING them, not hoping for them to lose. So yeah I support them. I'm not watching the games and I'm never ever switching teams but cmon. Agree 100%. I hate bad fans. I have plenty of friends that are Cubs fans, in fact, it was mostly Cubs fans that called me after the Sox won it in '05 to say congrats. I've been in a discussion with a guy on FB who is terrified that if we blew this team up, no fans would show up. Kill our fan base. I think the damage is already done. It's a weird state, and we need to make a serious change. Right now, we are just hoping to get lucky and not make any changes. Just think the Sox can do better. I am not cheering for them, but not cheering against them. I am however cheering for the Astros.
  13. QUOTE (jasonxctf @ Sep 14, 2015 -> 09:55 AM) Have extras of both of these, looking to trade for other giveaway items. Anyone interested? What do you need? Or what are you looking for?
  14. Hey Guys - I have several extra of the Star Wars Adam Eaton Bobblehead they released for Star Wars Day on Sunday. This was a special ticket, limited to 1200, and they sold out. http://mlb.mlb.com/cws/ticketing/groups/gs...;adbpr=53197137 I am looking for a SoxFest Jose Abreu (not the ROTY version they sold at the park). I would consider older limited White Sox bobbles. Let me know what you have! If you want to purchase, please email me at mysoxsummer@gmail.com Thanks!
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