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  1. QUOTE (pittshoganerkoff @ Jul 19, 2017 -> 07:44 AM) I agree it's time to bring him up, especially with Frazier being traded. Question is, who gets the majority of the time at 3rd? Or do Saladino, Sanchez, and Davidson all share time there? I would assume Moncada will pretty much take over 2nd. Everything I've seen so far is they're claiming Moncada will be playing 3rd tonight.... but why?
  2. QUOTE (SoxAce @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 11:50 AM) Leave Hahn out of that. Fine, how about Hawk?
  3. You can tell Matt had no idea that it was going to happen today. If you look at the White Sox Snapchat, (4 hours ago) he was at RMH with Chris Sale, Jason Benetti and Southpaw pitching underhand to little kids in his jersey.
  4. QUOTE (joegraz @ Apr 11, 2016 -> 04:27 PM) just tuned in...why the *** is Hawk in the booth? I thought he was doing away games only. They're away.
  5. It's pretty much done. A buddy of mine is working on it and took this photo last week.
  6. I am looking for (preferably) a photo signed by the entire 2005 Team. Does anyone have one they are willing to sell? Thank you, Steve
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