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  1. The glass half full fan in me wants to vote "B", but experience tells me this is a C grade trade for the Sox Does it have potential to work out if Thorpe/Iriarte/Zavala pan out? Of course, but I am not sure how likely that is with the White Sox Thorpe dominated lower minor league hitters as a polished college right hander with a plus-plus changeup, but the 90-93 MPH fastball may not threaten MLB hitters enough. I also do not love his upright delivery, similar to Rodon, that may lead to shoulder and/or elbow issues down the line. He profiles as a #4, but with more ceiling if he can somehow find 94-96 MPH fastball velocity. Iriarte is the guy to dream on, with a potential three plus pitch mix. The control and command would need to take a full grade forward for him to stick as a starter. He reminds me of Reynaldo Lopez, with a bit less velocity. I pray for a starter, but far more likely he winds up in the bullpen. Zavala could be the prize of this trade, although he is quite a ways away from the majors. Impressive numbers at age 18/19 in low A, but will need to see him hit at the high A level before having an idea of what he could become. Dream of a MLB regular, but who knows? This is a serviceable package, although fans surely were hoping for at least one truly premium prospect in return for Cease. Getz could not risk carrying him into the regular season, where an injury or poor performance could sink his value.
  2. I like Porter a lot. Talented arm, but there is considerable reliever risk with him as well.
  3. I doubt the Mariners would consider trading him, but Colt Emerson would absolutely be who I would target in a trade. He could break out in a big way in 2024.
  4. Mayo would be a tremendous get as headliner from the Orioles. Big Pop and arm. Should be able to play passable third base, or possibly RF.
  5. That simply is not close to getting a deal done
  6. Nick Madrigal does absolutely nothing for the White Sox moving forward and has little, if any, trade value. Hard pass.
  7. None of those packages would get a Cease deal done^
  8. Although ATL makes sense as a suitor, I do not see them being the trade destination at the end of the day unless the Sox are hell bent on adding pitching Cincinnati, Cubs, Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants, Braves, Cardinals, Orioles, Phillies, Twins, Blue Jays, Yankees could all make degrees of sense
  9. 100%. Screw the Orioles unless we are getting two of Mayo/Cowser/Kerjstad/Basallo plus more I see too many posts by fans suggesting what I consider to be really light return packages for Cease Although it makes sense to deal him, the Sox can refuse to trade him unless they get exactly what they want in return. I rightfully want a king's ransom. Why should we be considering less than the Luis Castillo trade when Cease has two full seasons of control?
  10. I was thinking the same thing. What if it ends up being a surprise club that steps up with an offer after lurking for awhile? Although unlikely, the Twins could be a potential sleeper suitor? They have the prospects to get a deal done. Yankees? Rangers? Phillies? Blue Jays? Mets? Cardinals? Astros do not have the farm to get a deal done
  11. Glasnow is electric when healthy, but a five year deal seems extremely risky for him on the wrong side of 30 Nice when you have a huge budget
  12. I would not accept that offer from Boston either It is not realistic for Robert and Cease to be dealt in the same trade, I am not sure there is a farm in the MLB that would A) Have what the Sox would want and B) Be willing to absolutely gut their farm You essentially have to keep Robert for another season or two, no chance you could get fair value in return for four years of prime control.
  13. I also agree that the Baseball trade values website is low on Cease's surplus value in this environment. Often it greatly overestimates how valuable a prospect is vs. a proven MLB talent. So many prospects bust and deliver little, if any, value. Short of injury, you largely know that Cease will give you really solid 30+ starts for two seasons with #1/2 starter upside. When Seth Lugo ate age 34 is getting 3/$45 million, Cease's age 28 and 29 seasons for 2/$25 million plus potential qualifying offer compensation is a steal Yamamoto/Snell/Montgomery are all going to cash in on massive deals I laugh when I see Orioles fans thinking Joey Ortiz and Cade Povich can headline a deal
  14. Yordanny Monegro RHP would be a must for me as a third or fourth piece in a Case to Boston deal He is coming off a terrific season Him and Perales are the best arms in the Red sox system
  15. Would love to see SD and BOS involved in the Cease bidding Either could create a nice package
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