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  1. Gallo on a 1/$10 million deal for example really does not do anything for me Fans need to ask themselves if the player repeated their 2022 performance, would we be happy? Hell no. Typical White Sox to rely on a lightning in a bottle if everybody remains healthy and has a resurgent season we can possibly win the central
  2. I agree. I'd put Montgomery's ETA as second half of 2024 at this point unless he has a monster 2023. Ideal pathway would be Birmingham for three months and finish the season at Charlotte, then Charlotte for the first few months next year followed by a call up.
  3. No chance the Sox were coming close to 3/$60 million for Jose given the state of the roster Happy he got paid, but sucks to see him go to Houston
  4. I could see Quintana landing a three year deal for solid money in this market
  5. I'm sure other teams were in on Clevinger, but $12 million seems expensive for a bounce back candidate. Guys like Heaney and Quintana should be licking their chops now.
  6. Agreed Merrifield is not really an upgrade over Harrison at this stage in his career. Royals should have traded him years ago when his value was higher.
  7. Jose Rodriguez has actually been hot after a slow start to the season. His past 22 games: .375 AVG - .406 OBP - .896 OPS. For a 21 year old in AA his numbers are really solid outside of HR.
  8. DSL stats are largely worthless, especially for a 20 year old player facing much younger competition. We will not have a good gauge on him until he plays in the states against more advanced pitching.
  9. No clue who the Mets would be bidding against
  10. I wanted the Sox to be in on Scherzer, but there is zero chance the club entertains a contract remotely close to what the Mets just did.
  11. Madrigal is one more injury away from his value taking a substantial hit. He broke his wrist in college, had shoulder surgery in 2020, and now hamstring surgery in 2021. At what point do you label a player as being really injury prone? Sox were wise to trade him while his value is still up.
  12. ^ Collins absolutely becomes an all star if dealt to another organization. Mark it down.
  13. The secret in Milwaukee was to enter through the gate near the 1B foul pole. Barely any line for all three games
  14. My vote is to cut bait with Rutherford A 69 wRC+ in AAA at age 24 is not going to be missed by the organization. He never developed the pop or hit tool he was supposed to.
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