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  1. 52 minutes ago, Jack Parkman said:

    You're wrong. They're a borderline playoff team without Eloy. Fangraphs has them at 84 wins and I'd say that's about right, plus or minus a a few. 

    I know I’m usually optimistic but I agree with this. I hope they make the playoffs but they aren’t a guaranteed playoff team in my sad opinion.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, ChiSox59 said:

    Guaranteed MLB deal, eh?  Really only makes sense if they think he can play LF regularly because he can't cover SS or 2B.  

    Leave it to the White Sox to do something weird 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, ChiSox59 said:

    Yoan Moncada is incredibly soft.  This has absolutely nothing to do with Covid last year.  He gets a complete pass for everything to do with last season from me.

    But the dude acts like he's seriously injured frequently.  Foul ball off his shin, hit by pitch, diving for a ball, etc.  Always acts very hurt.  I agree Moncada is a super elite athlete and I am not really bad mouthing him.  I love the guy.  But he's charmin soft.    

    I have not seen anything concrete to suggest he’s soft. Theatrical? Maybe. But not soft.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Y2Jimmy0 said:

    I don't really think Lucroy makes any sense. They'd have to clear a spot to add him and they already need spots for Vaughn, Lamb and Hamilton. Collins is the backup catcher and Grandal will likely DH when he's catching. Yermin has more power on the bench. I also don't believe Lucroy has an opt-out so this makes sense. I just didn't see them doing it. 

    For some reason I thought Lucroy had an opt out. This is much better if true!

  5. 26 minutes ago, SpringfieldFan said:

    Not to stray too far from the topic, but it would be nice if the FO's "frugality" was really a strategy for reserving funds so they can replace the inevitably injury loss with someone other than a dumpster dive. 

    I was thinking the same thing. Years of cheaping out should lead to flexibility to add premium talent when it comes available and add to salary to cover for injuries. With the Sox it leads to neither.

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