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  1. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Mar 29, 2016 -> 01:10 PM) So the Sox should just ignore the 1141 plate appearances Davidson has made in AAA the past 2 years where he barely hit .200 and struck out more often than Adam Dunn, and base a roster spot on the 44 plate appearances he made this spring in games that don't count. No one really can be serious, right? Send him to Charlotte. If he's worth a roster spot, he will show he's worth a roster spot. I definitely get this line of thinking, and I agree to a point, but what has Ishikawa done to earn the spot? At least Davidson was once a top prospect. Given the alternatives of Sands and Ishikawa, I'd go Davidson every time.
  2. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Mar 11, 2016 -> 07:14 AM) I think health will always be the key for him, the talent is there. True, and that's why he definitely came to the right place. Herm's a miracle worker!
  3. Could be good to give Davidson some competition in Charlotte this year.
  4. QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Feb 1, 2016 -> 08:07 AM) Welcome aboard, Louie! Thank you, glad to be here!!
  5. QUOTE (fathom @ Jan 28, 2016 -> 05:23 PM) Was a reason ever given for why Rodon and Lawrie aren't going to be there? Lawrie posted a video earlier that he couldn't make it because he has a lot of family in town and he just recently got married. Not sure about Rodon though.
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