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7/6 Games


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30 minutes ago, mstrub said:

Random question - Whatever happened to James Beard? His milb.com profile says that he is active and in Winston-Salem, but he doesn't have any stats and isn't included on their roster. Did he retire?

good question. Maybe, Bryce Bush was still listed as active similarly last year though it was rumored he'd retired (and he had). But hard to know since we get no info on injuries and retirements are usually random tweets from like hometown newspapers.

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Stiven Flores another nice day in DSL (3-6, SB, R)

From BA:

Stiven Flores, C, Venezuela: Flores, 17, signed for $250,000. He’s 5-foot-11, 180 pounds and a potential power-hitting catcher from the right side. His offensive game stands out the most right now, with a chance to hit 20-plus home runs and drive the ball well to all fields. He has solid catch-and-throw skills for his age, too, with an average arm.


Still no homers, but a 1:1 K:BB ratio.

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actually nice little fun update one month in on that big group from the International Period:

En Fuego (also stiven above)

- Javier Mogollon / 17 / Venezuela

.282 / .354 /.394  1 HR, 3 2b, 20% K-rate, 10% BB rate

BA: Venezuelan shortstop Javier Mogollon signed with the White Sox for $75,000. Mogollon, 17, is 5-foot-8, 160 pounds, and while he isn’t that big, his offensive game makes him an exciting sleeper to watch. His righthanded swing is short, quick, clean and balanced, allowing him to barrel balls at a high clip against live pitching. Despite his stature, Mogollon isn’t a slap hitter either, with the ability to generate startling power for his size, even clearing the batter’s eye at the White Sox academy in the Dominican Republic. He’s also at least a plus runner.

- Abraham Nunez / 17 / DR

.348 / .464 / .591   3 HR, 5 2b, 10% K-rate, 20% BB rate 😵 

BA: Nuñez Jr., is 17 and signed with the White Sox for $700,000. He’s 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, an athletic outfielder with good bat speed who performed well during amateur tournaments in the Dominican Republic. Scouts highest on Nuñez liked his bat control from the right side and strike-zone judgment, with the strength projection and bat speed to project his gap power to grow. He’s a solid-average runner who moves well enough for now to develop in center field, though as he fills out he might shift to a corner.


D'Angelo Tejada / 17 / DR

.243 / .308 / .300  4 2B, 6% BB rate, 25% K rate


Juan Uribe Jr


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