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Fedde named All Star snub at Yahoo Sports

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It might be a stretch for the worst team in baseball to get multiple All-Stars, but I think Fedde deserves it. His successful sojourn to the KBO to reestablish his credibility as a starting pitcher after a failed tenure in Washington is one of the best stories of the season, and his cutter has become one of the more effective pitches of any individual offering in the game. If the White Sox don’t end up trading Crochet, Fedde should fetch them a nice return in a deadline deal

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7 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

The Sox were never getting more than one All-Star unless a bunch of players quit the game.

Tatis, Jr. 

Oops...wrong league.  There's ONE spot going to a snub...so SD somehow got Merrill instead (two All-Stars in consecutive years that switched from SS to RF/CF, and Profar of course started out at SS/2B.)


It's actually funny now how Marcus Semien has almost become almost an automatic selection, when his statistics aren't overwhelming at all.  The toughest part by far is just getting that first selection.

He's now coasting on that reputation from those pretty sure it's 3 times he's been in the MVP conversation.


At any rate, the more Fedde articles out there, and higher his perceived value will be to SOMEONE.

If it's not Crochet/Fedde, the top of the current market is Flaherty, with the Mets likely pulling back there veteran starters to chase a WC in the NL, where they're currently the first team out of the running.

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