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Hey everyone I have just signed up for a yahoo fantasy baseball league. I have never been in Fantasy Baseball before. The one I'm in is a Rotisserie (sp?) league. I'm interested if anyone can fill me in on where I can learn how to play effectively. I'm in a live draft in about a week or so. I'm just looking for general info or tips from some of you who have been in leagues like this before. thanks a ton!!

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ok now i think i have to change my focus already LOL they just told me we are doing head-to-head and not rotisserie.  What's the difference?

Head to head is where you take all those categories but you play against one person for a week. Whoever wins a particular category gets a win, the other person gets a loss, and then you add all the W's and L's up to see who won that week. Also the W's and L's count towards final standings.

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