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  1. Wisebri224

    I'm going to enjoy the White Sox this year

    I actually can understand Hahn a bit more in FA now I see reports coming in. Maybe a 5th starter but honestly with the depth of the pen if that becomes an opener every other start I’m ok with that. Cease blossoms some and if not you add mid season. In the future you have 3 starters coming so nothing long term in SP front. Bats same thing. Try out Vaughn. If it doesn’t work you make a deal. Same with RF. You are looking for short term answers when needed. Get Gio extended and let’s go win this thing!
  2. Wisebri224

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Totally agree with a floor, especially when some of these teams are doubling their revenue via revenue sharing yet still not even trying to compete. I wouldn't see an issue with the cap bottom being the bottom teams revenue for a year minus 10 percent but how do we eve find out what that is???? Oh yeah we won't. However, an article in Forbes in 2019 said the central shared revenue was $2.76 billion or about $92 million per team before local revenues and other profit sharing by market. There is zero reason there shouldn't be a minimum cap at $100 million. I don't care if you want an upper cap but it needs to be at about $250 million then because teams that draw 3 million should be able to spend more than a team that brings in 900,000 and just pockets the rest. This will never happen because the owners don't want a floor and the players don't want a cap https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2019/04/10/baseball-team-values-2019-yankees-lead-league-at-46-billion/?sh=52d7a3fd69b2
  3. Wisebri224

    Pitchers and Catchers Report

    I think you misunderstood me. I’m not afraid to go at all. I just have friends who have been vaccinated and had terrible side effects like Bell’s palsy for nearly a month. I’m not interested in being a guinea pig. I choose at this point not to get the shot and don’t think I should be told to to attend a game. I mask. I distance. I wash often. I stay home when I don’t feel good. I’m a high school teacher and have been in class everyday from the start of school. I agree with your last statement as well that people shouldn’t mess with others rights as adults. I appreciate and respect your feelings and hope you can understand mine as well. Baseball is almost here!
  4. Wisebri224

    Pitchers and Catchers Report

    Poppy you understand that even being vaccinated isn't 100% effective much like a flu shot right? Why should that be part of being able to go to a ball game? I agree with you on everything else though. Masks, social distancing, and a reasonable capacity should have people in parks very soon:). P.S. I'm not trying to turn this forum into a medical campaign...there's enough of that on social media....just curious on your thoughts since I feel you are one of the respected (and respectful) posters here (at least to me :))
  5. Wisebri224

    Did We Go Cheap Not Signing Another Bat?

    That isn’t how odds work. That would be saying 4 guys at 25% chance of being good would guarantee 100% a good starter.
  6. Wisebri224

    Folty signs with Rangers

    Archer just got 6.5 million? White Sox offered Folty a minor league contract? He’s getting at least 2-3 million. Bye Folty
  7. I agree with this. There wasn't a Keuchel type they were going to get for $13 million or so that was better than getting the best closer in the game. Paxton, Richards, Odorizzi? The possible exception being Q, but there also is a difference between pitching the 8th and pitching the 9th. Do we want that to be in test mode this year too? I find it ridiculous they couldn't find $8 million for Q as well as Hendriks, but that's a different question
  8. Wisebri224

    Sox resign Rodon 1 yr /3m official, Vargas DFA

    This whole discussion is a hoot. They have spent over 5 million to two reclamation projects and possibly signing a third. Spending about hmmmmm 8 million total? Who could you have had for that? Only thing we hope is that 2 of 3 is good and you can move one at deadline
  9. Wisebri224

    German Marquez Thread

    Jerry isn’t taking on Blackmon deal. For goodness sake we won’t pay over 5 million for a starter we need. Offer 3 guys not named Kopech, Crotchet, or Vaughn and let’s get it done. They sold for money now they sell for younger prospects. I honestly think Kelley and a lesser SP could get it done if they are in rebuild
  10. Wisebri224

    Jerry Reinsdorf is cheap

    Time to call back Rockies now that they are in fire sale and offer 3 of anyone not named Kopech, Crotchet, or Vaughn. Time to swoop in
  11. I'd still give Archer at shot at under $5 million. Pirates pitching coach screwed him up
  12. Wisebri224

    Jerry Reinsdorf is cheap

    I'm still standing by I think this window is 3 years. When the payroll nears $200 million Jerry will tell RH to sell off parts. Next year with raises and extensions for Gio and Lynn (if done) we are adding another $50 million to the payroll?? This hope that this is a 5-6 year window I don't think is realistic
  13. Wisebri224

    Jerry Reinsdorf is cheap

    It's definitely a playoff team. But are they ready to take on the Yankees, Dodgers, and Padres even at this point? If all of our prospects live up to the hype, absolutely. How many teams though say "Hey, we have to hit 5 for 5 on our prospect parlay for this to work" and it does? Even though I am a believer that once you get into the dance anything can happen, I would rather have a better "dancer" going into it. I also know this is a business but it is sad when you have a team that had revenues that averaged $241 million per year in the last decade vs a payroll of $102 million (average) how people could be a bit disturbed. I know there are other expenses, but when you get your ballpark in a sweetheart deal, I really can't see how you are strapped for cash in making probably northward of $50 million a year for the last decade with a garbage team. I'm still going to games if I can but I'm also not going to quietly just say it's a business then be ashamed when we are told the revenues are never enough...........please
  14. Wisebri224

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Let's think like Sox FO for a minute. How can I stretch my dollar the furthest in this market? Cruz for one year with a significant buyout of year 2 as to not block Vaughn? Go straight to Vaughn now (can't be worse than EE last year), get whatever is left on the $5-$6 million SP market, grab a backup catcher (Flowers) and call it good til the season? Isn't it basically those two? We aren't signing Bauer, Tanaka, Paxton, anyone who is seeing double digits for a contract
  15. Wisebri224

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    I was being a smart aleck. Seriously I don’t take anyone over 5 million seriously